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Why science failed to define consciousness?

There so many definition about consciousness. But non of them are convincing and unable to define nature of consciousness.


  1. Think about it: how does living tissue that works on electrical and chemical impulses create a consciousness? How does it create images and thoughts? It is truly a miracle.
    My bet is science will never be able to fully answer or explain consciousness. If you are a person of faith, I think God is the only way to explain such a thing.

  2. Who put you in charge of deciding when a definition is correct? Or when something is a failure.
    Definitions don’t have to be convincing to be correct. In fact you can have multiple definitions of the same idea and they can all be correct.

  3. Just because you don’t understand the definitions does not mean they are incorrect. Science has a pretty good understanding of consciousness, but it is very complicated to explain.


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