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Why practice Tai Chi for Massage?

I’ve had several massage instructors recommend Tai Chi exercises to improve health and skills as a developing massage therapist. How come? Why is Tai Chi important for a massage therapist to practice?


  1. because its centres you and probably will calm you and clear your mind, so that you dont inflict bad vibes on your customers. alot of holistic therapists learn and teach tai chi and chi kung as part of the therapies they offer, as well as massage, because its important for you to be balanced when you are treating someone, and not pass on any bad energy. it also may be that you can learn healing techniques and more about what and how internal or mental issues affect other parts of the body, and how you can use massage ad oils to the most benefit.

  2. Several reasons:
    1, The practice helps to keep the massage therapist healthy and fit. Massage therapy is a physical vocation and as long as the therapist is well then they can continue in their trade.
    2. Taijiquan (another way of spelling tai chi chuan) teaches proper body mechanics and energetics for all activities from intense sports to masssage therapy to everyday activities. This also extends the longevity and efficacy of the massage therapist.
    3, Taijiquan has multiple benefits so that as an activity it doesn’t just center on the therapist’s trade. There are many other ways of enjoying the practice: martial art, health and wellness, social activity, cultural activity, and spiritual/self development exercise. It never gets old.
    I hope this helps.

  3. Some practices run energy into the points they are massaging, and tai chi helps develop the flow of chi and help you feel the chi flow in other people. Knowing there their bad chi is lets you know where to massage 🙂
    Hope this helps


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