Why people say that there is no such thing as auras? i can see auras!!?

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Imogen Sue

People who say there are no auras are either ignorant or cannot see them.


PEOPLE say all kinds of things…
NO………..You can not.

Chef Bob

you really should stop smoking that stuff.

Small but Fierce

It’s called a hallucination… perhaps you should see a psychiatrist

The Resurrectionist

Uh-huh… well that proves it. I can’t believe I ever had a doubt about it. You’ve won me over with your brilliant “cuz I said so” debate technique.


If you see them they are real to you but other do not see them so the feel they are not real
I believe you see Auras


Can I buy pot from you? We need to hang out.

R. H

Wow, I never realised that insane asylums had internet access. You learn something new everyday. Well, have a nice life. 🙂


Me too, Baby, have some more ‘shrooms.


what do they look like? heat vision or do you see actual colors eminate in an outward glow around people.


It’s NOT real….it’s all in your mind. I understand that the use of LSD had that effect. Also, many types of mental illnesses cause people to “see” things that aren’t really there.


Look up the subject, get all the information possible, then you will trust your own talents. In the end, it is only you that has to be satisfied with the subject. Yes, they exist.


Some will be dumb enough to believe you. And you can make $$$ off them!


They’re real. My sister sees them too and she does not lie. I’m have a powder blue aura. I wonder what that means?


Some people really can if their brain hasn’t detached all its little links it has to function normally before the person is born.

♡ . ♡

stop taking drugs… or share them!

For America

They are there, the body’s energy. They have been photo,ed. It is used in some branch’s of medicine. If you are sensitive to auras why do you not study up on them. That knowledge can be very helpful. The colors have real meaning.


I am not saying this to be mean honestly. It is possible that something is wrong with your eyes or that you have a neurological problem. I have read this before but it’s been a while. Maybe you can research to see if there could be a physical explanation. You should consider consulting a physician.
May God Bless you.

Cute Fuzzy Kitty

Dont worry about what others say, people have their opinions and that is that. 🙂
I have seen auras too and they occur when a person is giving off an excessive amount of energy. I don’t see different colored ones like a lot of people tend to believe they see, and I don’t see them all of the time


I think that’s very interesting. Just because I don’t see them doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. I hope that you use this ability for good.


I know, I can see auras too. Don’t let the naysayers get you down. Maybe you ought to seek out a different forum, one were you won’t have people arguing with you about whether you see auras or not. I suggest http://www.mysticwicks.com The people there are very helpful.


Well, not everyone has the gift you have, sweetie. And besides, there are a lot of theories out there that say that what we think are auras are really just a trick of the eye.
But none of that should sway you from what you believe. I can see auras, too. But I’m more sensitive to feeling them.


People say such things because they have never seen them so they act like: You’re crazy, and all the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. Well isn’t it the same to say: my spell came true! I did white magic, black or gray magic! and yaddayadda. Yet if you see them you seem then only you can see them. Plus many religions say about auras and all the things AND let’s make it a fact that not psychologists NOR asylums will go with the crazy theory ’cause you believe that. In short people are: MUST SEE TO BELIEVE.


I wish you would have put more information. I can see auras too. I was taught in the 70’s at a spirituality class. Its not something I do with any regularity anymore. When I was more spiritual I saw colors and symbols.
I would have like to know if you see them all the time or just when you want to?


My friend can see auras… But I can’t. Understandably, people are going to think that there are no such thing as auras because most everybody can’t see them. I don’t know if I believe in them or not(it is a bit hard to swallow), but my friend’s not one to lie.


I can’t believe the amount of negative comments you got from this! Geez, the ignorance of some people! I totally believe you. I can see peoples, animals, and plants energy fields or should I say psychic energy, but they have no color, but I am empathic so I can feel people’s emotions. Nevermind what other people think or say, we’re all in our own reality.


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