Home Discussion Forum Why or why not is Taoism actually a religion?

Why or why not is Taoism actually a religion?


  1. The concept of religion in the East is a bit different than the concept or definition of religion in the East. In Taoism, there is no worship of the Tao, only awareness of it, or rather what it is not, to live simply and with the flow of the Tao. The Tao is a sort of metaphysical law of nature, keeping balance and harmony in the Universe. When one strays away from the way of the Tao, his life becomes complicated and he struggles. When he allows the Tao to flow with him, through him, then his life is simple and with out stress or suffering.

  2. It can be both, or neither. All things come from the Tao. It cannot be seen or understood. Those who say don’t know, those who know don’t say. Read your Tao te Ching.

  3. la warrior has the best answer.
    Concepts of religion vary. I believe that what I practice is a religion, many would disagree.
    Taoism could be seen as a religion because it includes belief in something that cannot be proven. It includes rules for living in harmony with that something. It has writings that were considered to be inspired by that something. Finally, it has followers.
    It could be seen as a philosophy because some don’t see that Tao is like “god”. It doesn’t coincide with the classical western idea of what “god” should be. The way of life espoused by Taoism can be seen as ideas developed through philosophical thought and questioning until we decide on a way that makes sense.
    However, in college, my Introduction to Religion class included a section on Taoism. I believe that it’s official classification is that it is a religion.
    So, yes? it is a religion.


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