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Why, oh why does my consciousness have to live inside an animal body?

Why? When my spirit is above animal instinct and my body is below animal fitness standard?
Why do I have to live with two defects that draw each other’s elements together into an uncontrollable whole?
Being a latter-day human is just…
Any religious answers, quotes, or book-throwings shall be castigated on the spot.
I need rational answers.


  1. There is no rational answer to an irrational query. The answer is simple: It’s what we got, kid. Make the most of it. Improve both halves of yourself as much as you can. Maybe you’ll come back more evolved next time round, right?

  2. The answer is because thats the way it is. Your conflict is because you believe your ‘animal’ to be somehow inferior. The point that you have apparently failed to grasp is that your body, spirit, and mind are parts of a whole that transcends its components. You curse the very animal that got you to this point. You dwell on a spirit that incomplete.
    The advantage of the animal is that it enables you to carry out the desires of the spirit, it allows you to explore the depths of the mind.
    Get your head out of the clouds and make a moral inventory of your state of being and you will find that this spirit that you are so proud of is slowly dying because you are denying the rest of your existence and not unifying it.

  3. Because consciousness itself is not understood. We know only our own awareness and can only suspect there are others with like awareness based on the facts that their bodies are like ours and they interact with us There is no scientific way of proving consciousness exists. There is no reason, that I know of apart from imaginative speculation, to assume a conscious awareness could exist apart from an animal body..

  4. that’s the challenge of life, to learn to be whole with animal instinct and spiritual heights…somehow to become ballanced and grounded in the realm of both.

  5. No scientific evidence for consciousness?
    Sorry, but you’re wrong Mad Mac.
    There is little agreement on how to define consciousness (what is and isn’t a part of consciousness), but there is overwhelming OBVIOUS evidence that it is real, and more importantly is a function of biological endowment.
    After you google Mad Mac’s nonesense, check out some real science and google:
    Amygdala, Hippocampus, and Septum, along with Parietal & Temporal Cortex.

  6. Just be contented that you came into this world and had the chance to be aware of your surroundings, to enjoy the beauty of nature and to be with your loved ones.

  7. Consciousness is the result of having something to be conscious of. Without the body, your mind would have no input. No input, no consciousness.


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