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Why not believe in psychic mediums?

I was referred to Heather Elizabeth in Las Vegas, a psychic medium by a fellow musician and she was dead on balls accurate! She DID predict many things and they all came to true for our band. Most every detail down to dates and specific names. There is no way she could have gotten the information, most of what she said had not happened yet. IT came to true later. Details she came up with were some of our deepest secrets. So many people are skeptical but once you meet the real deal it is spooky life altering. I just want to ask why not believe? If you have not seen the real deal you should not have a bad thing to say, period. She is real, she is a medium and I think it is narrow minded of so many people here to disregard when they have not even met her. One of her clients has seen thousands of psychics over the years and he even said she was the best in the world. He is the one who referred me to her and he is a 73 year old legend.So, again, why not believe? Peace.


  • Thank you LadySonoma, I appreciate your kind comments about me and my work. I know that many people have a hard time believing in something they haven’t experienced for themselves – so I appreciate you sharing your experience. I know that psychic abilities are real because I experience them personally. (Even scientists are studying the phenomenon because they are finding so many things that can’t be explained within the old paradigm any more. Quantum physics is saying very profound things!) And I do my best to help people around the world. I believe that when people are happy and feel fulfilled, they share their good fortune with others. When someone’s “cup” in life is overflowing, those touched by them also benefit.

    I know everyone has his or her own path to travel and life experiences to live. I hope that you and your mother are both happy and that your life acventures bring you joy and fulfillment!! Best wishes to you for a wonderful life! Pam Oslie

  • Seeing in believing. So many skeptics nowadays, but if you come across the real deal, there’s no arguing it. Psychics do exist and many devote themselves to helping people in this world with their gifts.

    God Bless.

  • I have had an experience with a true psychic also. Her name is Pamela Oslie and you can google her.

    My mother went to see her and Pamela told her that within the year she would be married and publish a book.

    When she saw me, she said that my mother and I would part ways very soon and that our relationship was in jeopardy. She also said that I would have a hard time finding my place in life and that I would get married at 31 and relocate somewhere south.

    My mother did in fact marry her husband and they are still together (going on 15 years now). She did publish a book too.. It wasn’t a great best seller or anything but she was hired by one of those publishing houses that put out little books and novels, sort of like Penguin.

    We did part ways, within a few months of the reading I left home permanently, I was 14 years old. I have spent almost a decade working as an accountant but have spent much of the last decade “wandering” in ways that are too lengthy to get into here. Also, I am now engaged, I am 31 and live in Arkansas. These are all things that happened by coincidence, not by choice. Honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that I love my fiance, I’d be in NYC pursuing a career in investments. What kept me here is my friends and the failing economy as well as the hundreds of thousands who lost their jobs last year.

    Anyway, that’s my experience… Psychic abilities come and go… I don’t believe that people can use their abilities to make fortunes for themselves because psychic ability is un reliable. Some things (or people) they get a feel for while others they don’t get any feeling for. One simply can not control their feelings.

  • There are 2 scenarios.

    1) She is a psychic.

    2) Psychics don’t exist, she conned you good and you believe her.

    In both scenarios, she deserves your money, right? That’s what she thinks too.

    The reasons I remain skeptical are numerous. For one thing, the methods they use are well known. Psychics themselves have contributed to getting these known. It’s also well demonstrated and documented that when you actually analyze all psychics say, you realize that the majority of it was false, quickly discarded and forgotten. Finally, but not least, no psychic has EVER been able to demonstrate that ability in a test. Considering psychics work for money, do you have any clue how much money a psychic would make if they could prove to a panel of witnesses the veracity of their abilities? This person would become one of the richest on earth. Yet, no one has done it… I wonder why…

    If I was a real psychic, I would prove it. Then I would use that power to help the world… and make loads of cash. If in the US, I’m guessing the government would like a chat.

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