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Why my subconscious is blocking my sexuality?

when im alone i feel like banging a girl….but when i get with one, i become so frigid and i take ages to orgasm…plus i dont masturbate….and im not a gay…i feel that something deep inside my mind is blocking my sexuality…but why???


  1. I’m going to get all “Dr. Drew” on ya for a second.
    Something could have happened when you were a child that is making it hard for you to get physicly close to females. How is your relationship with your mom? The relationships we have with our parents affects our relationships greatly.

  2. Well, if you think that it is something that you might want to take action upon, do consider subliminal messages. It involves sending messages to the subconscious part of your mind, bypassing that of the critical conscious mind. In doing so, you will be able to be in better control of your mind and body. There are many downloads and ebooks available online that can help you. In your case, you might find the one under love and relationships helpful to you. Good Luck!
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