Home Discussion Forum Why Middle-East area has allways negative energy?

Why Middle-East area has allways negative energy?

why all big wars allways happened there; and why too much people still dying there?


  1. That, and it’s been an unstable region since Old Testament times. ANCIENT rivalries sometimes have a very hard time dying out. A lot of the cultures there cling far too strongly to harmful traditions.

  2. Because islam is a religion of demons, and most muslims live in the middle east. when you have that many satan worshippers together you’re going to have negative energy.

  3. The Middle East has negative energy now and just about always has had, because it goes back to a Bible story about Abraham. He had 2 sons that were by 2 different women, one, his wife and the other by his wife’s hand maid. The son by his wife ended up being the favored son and he laid claim to everything that was Abraham’s when Abraham died. And the other son felt left out; and thus the sons became enemies. These people have long memories, they never forget when they feel that someone has done them wrong. Even if what was done was done according to law at the time. These 2 sons, supposedly became the roots for: Jacob (the favored son)-Jewish religion, Ishmael-Islamic. religion

  4. For the most part, Muslims are unhappy people. They are always the victims. This is built into their interpretation of the Koran. To them their God is a vengeful God, whereas to most Christians, their God is a loving God.
    Islam needs more theologians teaching their religion rather than street corner imams who teach according to their individual objectives.
    I believe that Muslims who are willing to live and let live will eventually see that those who they think are out to destroy them, really are not. It is time to extend the olive branch, before it is too late!

  5. The middle east is probably 99% Islamic. Of all of the wars or conflicts taking place in the world right now, in something like 95% of them, at least one if not both sides is Islamic. Islam is not a peaceful religion, it is aggressive.


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