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Why me? Why can’t I be special too?

I’ve been experimenting with self hypnosis for many years. I finally opened a door to my past life. I was a house painter in Oklahoma. That information should not bother me, but everyone else in “Old Town” that has done “past life regression” were famous or rich or heroic in their past life. My self-esteem has hit bottom. Should I try again and maybe expect a different result?
Should I go under and use NLP to block out the “house painter thing”?


  1. because that is just one of your past lives (if you believe that stuff), you just have not found your exciting one yet, even the people with cool past lives have probably had a boring one too

  2. You are what you are. You can’t change the past. Move on with it and make something of the life you are living now, because really, that’s all that matters.

  3. Most of my past lives were boring too….y’know, black smith, baker, farm hand, etc, etc
    Not everyone can be Cleopatra, Napoleon or Van Gogh…
    Though a lot of people apparently would like to have been…

  4. Does it really matter what profession you were in a past life? Your self-esteem should be based on something a little stronger then that, say perhaps what you do in this life and if you’re happy.

  5. Yeah…. there’s what, about 25,000 people out there who think they were Cleopatra or Merlin in another life? Maybe more. I’d stick to plain old, it’s much more realistic. See, who you were in another life – even a so-called famous one – has nothing to do with who you are NOW. That’s something those ego-testical people seem unable to realise.


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