Why me?? Please give me your honest opinion and dont get offended.?

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Well I believe in Paganism, God, Devil, all that crazy stuff. I can see people auras, and dead spirits, demons, ect. For some reason it seems all enegies are attracted to me. I’m not crazy, I dont know what to do or think.

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Thank God I'm Atheist

No you are not crazy, just a liar, that’s all.

I'm apathetic, not liberal.

Sounds like a god complex and egocentricism.


Sounds like you’re a medium
“Everyone has the power to read others, only few have the ability to recognize it.”


I suggest further study into each subject to better understand.
And by the way its not “all that crazy stuff”.


Honey…get a life okay? Go out and have fun. Why do you even have enemies?

Young Buck

You’re peaking. That’s all. Over time it gets less and less or you learn how to push these things out of sight.


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