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Why is your consciousness concentrated in a very small place (your body) while our bodies…?

are molecules a part of a large earth and our earth a large solar system…if our consciousness is nonmaterial? Does this mean consciousness is a molecule of matter or a small part of energy? What are your thoughts?


  1. Well, having come from another planet I will tell you as a fact that your consciousness is what you call what is the interface to what is the “rest” of you which is a multidimensional being that has no specific location but because you live in a time space specificity you require this interface. As to where it is located in your body, that is a choice you have. It used to be located in your heart, its proper location. Now it is usually located in the mind, but you can move it about, astral projection etc.
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  2. consciousness is not concentrated, not limited, cannot be put into a box. consciousness is all there is.it is the connection of all there is, it is the subtle energy that runs the whole manifest world and it is born out of the unmanifest. does that makes sense? without consciousness, how could a world be possible? it could not be perveived without.


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