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Why is Witchcraft considered to be evil by many Christians?

I understand that some who practice Witchcraft use it to harm others. However, Christians harm others alo. So, what is the difference between a Witch harming someone through Witchcraft and a Christian harming someone with their hands?


  • Its not about harming people, necessarily, alot of what witches do does not directly bring harm to people, most think deeply about their actions.

    But there are things God did not intend for us to know.

    THat is the most sense I can make of it. You can see from my questions that I wonder the same thing about astrology. It doesn’t really hurt anyone, yet it is occult. It is not “supernatural” the planets are quite real.

    Yet it is occult. I think maybe God did not want us to be concerend with certain things. WHy I don’t know. Maybe its like the noise in the basement, you may not want to know.

  • Wilful ignorance, because they believe an old book written by men, and use that book to justify their hatred towards anything that is different to them.

    @Queen Kira, not all Witches make their wands from holly, some are made from metal, some are even made from pine dowling. It depends upon the owner. And the only witches in Hollywood are actors playing bit parts in dramas that do not reflect real life.

  • Anything what doesn’t agree with the dogma of the “fundamentalist” of any belief system is classified as “evil” or under some other undesirable label. It is just another passive aggressive means of control through fear.

  • since i am a former Bible believer and I have study the bible, I will tell you my personal opinion.
    today we have so many psychics, witches, etc etc, which to provide their “gift” want a lot of money, and many times their rituals include sacrifices, so i am guessing that the Bible it is against of that kind of rituals so people will not spend their money and will not use animals for their wishes.
    I found it logical to want to protect like that your people.
    Other than that, I believe it is not bad someone to have a wish, and use a spell that include only words and nothing more. Maybe an herb also.
    Of course in the old testament they use to do sacrifices for god, but I think it was for their sins only, imagine to do such rituals for any wish!
    Anyway, I believe that anything like that doesn’t make any difference, we know today that the mind of its own has amazing abilities and powers, for free and without any sacrifices!

  • How do you figure witches use witchcraft to harm others? On the contrary we usually don’t. And if we did use it to harm others, we would be harmed 3x’s worse in return. Not exactly an incentive to use witchcraft against another. And I do hope your not thinking witches are hollywood like, witchcraft isn’t what alot of non-witches seem to think it is.

  • Witchcraft seeks to have power outside of God, and there are only two power sources, God and satan, in which satan is the very enemy of your soul and comes to kill, steal and destroy, and wants to drag into hell as many as he can. On the other hand, Jesus said that HE came to give LIFE, and that, more abundantly. So the choice is eternal life with Jesus, or eternal separation from God and all that is good because of our own sins. Witchcraft can not rescue a soul from hell, nor can it forgive a person. All it can do is give temporary power while here on earth, which is so fleeting to begin with, that it’s just not even worth it – the price you pay for that power.

    Now, what is this about Christians harming people with their hands? Would you care to elaborate and present some evidence for your allegations?

  • It’s not about the motive behind its use; it’s about the SOURCE of that power, which is Satan. He is happy to allow people to use his powers for “good” as long as it leads people away from God and salvation. God calls it an abomination.

    EDIT: @ Nekhtet – <>
    Funny that you should mention that – did you know that “Holly wood” is the wood that a witch’s staff is made from? Plus Hollywood itself is full of witchcraft.

  • ALL True Christians considers witchcraft to be evil…. Because God forbids it

    No True Christian is to intentionally bring harm to any one… but there are no perfect Christians around… never have been and never will be…

  • “Witchcraft” doesn’t harm anyone but those who practice it. But it is superstition, which is a violation of the First Commandment.

  • If harm is wrong then it matters not who the harmer is. Certainly Christians have hurt others for no reason. I grant that. But they are not guiltless if they did.

  • Hypocrisy given that tons of Christians do play Warcraft which not only include witchcraft but harmful one as ever.

  • Associating with demons is never a good idea. Humans are mammals, and are incapable of the ‘supernatural’ without ‘outside help’. This help is usually from fallen angels, which is why the Bible warns us not to have anything to do with such things (astrology included).

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