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why is this… and has this happened to you?

i have complete sonatinas, operas in my head that are not in existence, complete clothing designs, artworks, novels…

this is not to brag, but how is this possible… especially when some of them have been there since i was 8 yrs old or younger?

is it is possible, i’m reincarnated?

my mind is connected to the Akashic Record?

my mental can access others mind mental?

i find it scary, because i don’t know why? and really want to know why i see these things in my minds eye…
i find it irrational that they could simply just exist there due to just simply being creative, especially when some of them were there BEFORE i learned how to write, or we had a piano…
is it possible to be a psychic leech and not know it???
actually fah… i have written nearly two dozens books and screen plays though they are not yet published (currently trying to…) and i just finished making two cool jackets by hand, and have been drawing illustrations for a couple kids books i am interested in trying to get published… it is NOT an illusion…


  • I’ve had several similar experiences. I believe the world is limbo. We get sent back until we get it right. Sometimes things stay with us. Perhaps this is where some deja vu comes from????

  • you are one of those gifted people who seem to be born knowing things that take lifetimes to learn. you could be reincarnated i guess. music is a part of the human soul. it existed before speech and writing and is a universal language. often i feel that music is the universe communicating, the whispering in the trees, the babbling of a stream, the russle of a mouse running through the grass, the chuckling of a new baby, all those things make up a soundtrack of our lives. there is even a simple beat inside us we call our heart. you are probably just taking those things and they are getting reorganized in your mind. you’ve heard them even before you were born.

  • if there is a sonatina or an opera in your head, WRITE IT DOWN. Draw the clothes, sketch the artwork, outline the novels…. until you DO something, its all just dreams, its NOT possible you are reincarnated, there IS no akashic record, and you cant access peoples minds. You find it scary because a part of you KNOWS that you are deluding yourself about these operas and novels existing. If you lack the skill or the talent to make GREAT music or art, you can at least sketch rough designs and outline an entire novel….. if they “exist” in your head, this minimal output of them shouldnt be a problem.

    on the other hand, if you have an idea of an idea, if you have a couple notes and maybe a mental image of a design… then you are normal… But a “novel”? an OPERA? …show us.

  • it seems that this question would be better of in the psycology section but since i have expertise in this area i will offer my knowledge.

    there are many explantions some more reasonable than others.

    maybe u have heard or read etc. something and then u mixed it with something else and you somehow forgot that u mixed up like 2 songs, and just thought that its a randomn song. and u thought about it which made it more stationery in ur thoughts. then years later u remember it because u make a conection with ur surrounding world.


    you’re using more than the amount of brainpower neccessary and commonly used. So i think everybody has the potential to use 100% of their brain but its really hard. and if u do ur psychic and stuff. most people are at 15 or 20% but there is always teh exception who is at 30 – 45%


    u just experienced serious case of Deja Vu and exaggerated

    dont call any of the cullens leeches or else…

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