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Why is there two different types of Buddha?

Why is there different types of Buddha? One is fat and the other isn’t.
Also if anyone knows any websites that says about the different types of Buddhism could you paste a link.


  1. I had the same question… the “laughing Buddha” isn’t Buddha… yet…
    He’ll be the 5th reincarnation (if I’m not mistaken)…
    Let me dig up the question I asked when I got my carving that I had all kinds of questions on…
    Ok, found it.
    Oh, and for people who don’t realize it, Buddha wasn’t/isn’t a diety of any sort, more of a teacher/prophet figure… please, many of us try to educate ourselves on your religions (no, I’m not Buddhist, either) can’t you at least try to reciprocate or keep your mouth closed?

  2. Because buddha is not a real god. He is a god that man made up and in ever changing. The one true God, God Almighty, Jesus Christ, never changes. He is the same now, as He was in the beginning, and as He will be in the end.

  3. I’m not completely sure, I think it’s because he tried starving himself for a while before he became enlightened, and then he found the middle way, and started eating again. The skinny one might show the struggle to reach enlightenment or maybe that we all must suffer, something like that. (this could have been someone besides Buddha though, someone email me or something if I’m wrong)

  4. There are in reality numerous Buddhas and bodhisattvhas, however the two that people are most familiar with is the Shakymuni the prince who became enlightened and taught the dharma for over 80 years.
    The fat “buddha” people see in restaurants isn’t a buddha at all but a monk called Hotei in Japanese and budai in Chinese. He’s something akin to an Asian version of Santa Clause who carries a sack filled with miraculous things, and gives out happiness wherever he goes. I left a link for you to explore.
    Om mani padme hum

  5. the skinny buddha, sidartha gotama, is the most recent buddha and the portly one is the next incarnation that is said to come after a time of spiritual darkness and rediscover the path to enlightenment


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