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Why is there such negativity in and about our country. If you feed on negative energy ..?

thats all you will breed. So why not think and have a positive attitude?


  1. People are negative for many reasons. A lot of times it depends on one’s surroundings. People may live the type of lives where nothing but bad seems to happen to them and their loved ones and that is all that they can dwell on. Negativity breeds. It goes from one person to another. Attitude is something that is very contagious.
    My advice, be the best that you can be. Be positive and you will be amazed at how many lives you can touch and make a difference in. 😉

  2. amen tonka truck!
    The government and its blind subjects create a lot of negative energy by stupidly justifying bad desicions and actions.

  3. Because no one looks for the good in anything anymore. And yes, when you’re constantly around people that are always complaining about something, it really affects your attitude. Just because you have alot that has gone wrong in your life, doesn’t mean you have to be negative. It all depends on how you handle things and some people really can’t.

  4. Does the term Social Injustice ring any bells for you? People tend to get negative when the Government is the cause of not being happy.
    Our Government (the Country I love) has now sown the seeds of hatred all over the world. Our Government has given working class tax payers $9 trillion in debt and the Iraq war will cost $2 trillion. Sept. 11th. was the greatest failure of our Government to protect Americans in the History of our Country. Katrina was also a miserable failure by Government. Tony Blair predicts global warming will cost us 5 to 20 percent of GDP in our lifetime. He hired Al Gore as a adviser. Bush and Republicans all rejected Kyoto. The 4th, 5th, and 6th. amendments to the Constitution have been suspended by Bush and Republicans in Congress. Republicans now want to end equal powers by the power of the office of President over the Congress and the Supreme Court. Republicans want to end Social Security, they call it “privatize”. You see the glass as half full just like Rush.
    Did you get a nice tax cut?

  5. Our country is in great need of great leadership, and we aren’t getting it. Outside of the Demicans and Republicrats there are few new ideas.
    We ciitzens need to take control of our country. First in Congress we need at least 3 times as many people in the House of Representatives. Currently they have made it 1 per 650,000 people. In our constitution it was written 1 per 30,000. This would allow us workers to have more power and say. We have a very exclusive club in Congress now, and it’s not working for us.
    We need new perspectives on our world. Many people feel the reason we go so easily to war is because it’s never on our own land, so naturally it’s easy to wage. The suffering that comes with war is half a world away from us, we don’t see the Iraqi women and children being killed every day. These innocent people aren’t terrorists.
    We have disrespected the earth for too long, and allowed big corporations to control us. We could have alternative energy and solar power really change the face of America, but we let the gasoline industry rule us.
    Once again it all goes back to the House of Representatives. If we want a different future, we need to have some backbone and demand a change. Not just different faces doing the same old tired non-strategies.


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