Home Discussion Forum Why is there no talk of the occult on here?

Why is there no talk of the occult on here?

Doesn’t anyone here believe anything different? You never even hear people talk about any other mainstream religions here.
Let ALONE the other stuff. Is anybody else here into the less talked about “esoteric” stuff?
You know what I’m talking about…. astral projection, gnosticism, hermeticism, the occult…
Is there another catagory for that kind of stuff on here or is everyone here just fundamentalists?


  1. stick around for five minutes… i don’t know how you can’t find any.
    also, for your edification, essoteric is the antithesis of mainstream.
    and the occult is not mainstream.

  2. I agree we need more variety on here, it seems to be pretty much Christians vs Atheists most of the time.

  3. Check out my Questions, and my friends questions. I usually star interesting ones if you’re interested in Occult things. I also have a book study group if you’re interested in more advanced Occult topics… just follow the link at my profile, if it is your Will to join. We’re currently reading “Your Brain is God” by Dr. Timothy Leary. Ask away if you have an Occult Question… I’ll star it, and many great minds will come along to answer.

  4. They’re on here – it’s just that the incredibly high traffic on this forum tends to make them harder to find.
    There are other categories in which these are discussed as well – the Alternative section in Science & Math has some pretty esoteric questions in there.

  5. there are a lot of people who believe in the less mainstream stuff
    personally I dont call it the occult though
    I believe in spirit communication , astral , chakras etc
    there are many Pagans and other such people who are like minded on here
    we are just perhaps a little quieter about our beliefs , until asked

  6. Astral projection gets mentioned here a lot.
    In reality, the general population doesn’t have a lot of extensive knowledge when it comes to that stuff. Which is probably general Q&A isn’t a good place to discuss it.

  7. There are some questions related to occult – if you go to advance search and enter some occult related terms to search for – you’ll find some.
    I believe they are in the minority though due to the type of forum this is and because of the high traffic.
    I tend to stick to Pagan forums where I can get “real” answers and discussion if I have such questions, instead of a slew of comments with accusations of my “evil doings” and being told to “burn in hell” and that I “worship the devil” and all that nonsense.
    But I keep my eyes open and will provide answers to occult related questions here when I find them and when I can answer.

  8. Ooooo! that’s a hanging offence around these parts, you will have your accoult deleted, and burned and stalked for blaspheming.
    I don’t go out much and I floated once too and the magic glass spun round on its own I love the mysteries of science.
    Are you different like none of the others around these parts?

  9. Well, occult is just more of the same mumbo jumbo, but your point is indeed well taken — this has become a bible belt only section and I pretty much stay out of the R&S section for this reason. Spirituality? What spirituality? Religion and spirituality are polar opposites. As the man said in Flight of the Phoenix — “Religion divides people [according to their religion], spirituality unites them.”


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