Home Discussion Forum Why is there no Republican candidate who could match Obama in 2012?

Why is there no Republican candidate who could match Obama in 2012?

Romney? Palin? Is that truly the best the Republicans can come up with in 2012. If it is, I don’t see them winning or even getting close to Barack.


  1. They do not have anyone with intelligence and possessing presidential qualities, they try and try and try and try and constantly fail. Oh well. Romney is a religious fruitcake and Palin is a fruitcake period. No hope for the repubs. LOL

  2. It’s a little soon to say that isn’t it? In 2005 if you brought up the name Obama no one would have known who you were talking about.

  3. republicans are fractured. the only hope for the republican party is for them to abandon their close ties to christianity and corporate america, and focus again on worthwhile investment into America and hard working Americans.
    i have no problem with religion, but like the founding fathers i would prefer that it was not the foundation of our government.
    …and let’s not forget who helped get us into this mess — neocons.

  4. Barry is at 44% right out of his first year; even worse than Carter.
    If it keeps going at this rate HO-HO the Clown could beat him.

  5. 0bama will not have enough support from ANYONE to run by 2012, so you had better come up with another socialist messiah before then.

  6. Who would want to match Hussein any way.
    Surely the Republicans wouldn’t be wanting anyone willing to sell the country down the river for personal electoral gain.


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