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Why is there bigotry in my friends Past-Lives-Regression group?

An old friend has recently become convinced he has lived before previously after attending a Reincarnation lecture with his new dingbat girlfriend. He even joined a small group who meet to discuss such topics. However, there is a problem. In this group there is a reincarnated Cleopatra, A reincarnated Hannibal, two reincarnated Alexanders, and several other famous historical figures. But he has come to the conclusion he is the reincarnation of a dude named Seamus, an Irish potato farmer.
Not very glorious, of course. Now all the other folks look down their reincarnated noses at him?
What gives? Is their a bias in the Reincarnation community against those who were not super famous in their past lives? And how come so many in this community were Abe Lincoln’s in the past, and now they work at Wal-Mart?
Thanks Joaquin


  1. I’m a reincarnated sex slave from Constantinople. Or was it Istanbul?
    Oh, well, so long ago the particulars elude me.

  2. Ok, whoever’s running this group is a fraud. There are legitimate past-life-regression specialists out there, but this isn’t one of them. Anyone interested in this kind of thing: run away screaming from anyone who tells you that you were someone famous. Statistically, it’s unlikely and these people are just trying to get your money by massaging your ego.
    And how can you have two people who were both Alexander? How does anyone in this group take that seriously? LOL Oh let me guess, the guy uses the “fractured soul” theory, so there could be thousands of “pieces” of Alexander’s soul out there. Give me a break!
    At any rate, the real value in PLR is getting a meaningful archetypal narrative that helps you in some way in your *current* life. It doesn’t matter so much whether or not the story is factually true (some have been able to verify them); it matters whether the themes of the story can help you get perspective on your current life problems. That’s the real value in this kind of work IMO. Say a woman “finds out” in regression that she died drowning in a past life. Does it matter if she really did? No, but if it helps her overcome her fear of water in this life, then the regression was worth it.


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