why is there a concerted effort to deny first time proof of Extra Sensory Perception?

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Is this because the person is black ?If I was white and could move cars and object with my mind I would be getting praise and glory and rich. Being black I am catching hell and being demonized all I want is money keep your praise and glory I believe in God ,but i do not believe or trust man. What I could do has been known for years all these people want is to learn how and why I can do these thing and make million of dollars leaving me in the poor house.You can call me crazy and believe as they want you to believe but crazy people can not move cars or influence aircraft and other thing you see this a trade secret.

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Timothy S

Ok, you know the loony bin wants you back in your room

james s

I agree. Loony bin.


I believe you! down with the Man, and up with telepathy woooo!

Dr Dave P

Could you will $100,000,000 into my bank account? I know you could…


cookoo cookoo


There is so much magic in this world…just relax and enjoy it..


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