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Why is the Philippines such a magical place?

Ive been to other countries before yet I can sense a magic a unique aura which lies in the Philippines which other nations don’t have.
What do you think lies at the root of this magic?


  1. A definite lack of tension and inhibitions. That’s how I see it. Even the poor seem happy and clean. The Women are so beautiful and know how to make a man feel like a king.

  2. I am a filipino πŸ™‚ You know, a lot of people say the philippines is a dirty place. You know Claire Danes? I’m sure you do =)) the stardust dudette :)) Yeah, she said Manila is wierd. But it’s not. It is where you can really see what happens in this world of wilderness. There are rich people, there are poor people, it’s a balanced place. Okay maybe it’s not. But this country, it is were you can really see the real world. The world of Luxury and poverty. The world of similarities and differences πŸ™‚ And most of us are nationalistic πŸ™‚
    The fact that there are more rural places here, you can see that the people who lives there can still live their lives to the fullest.

  3. Due to our still believing the existence of indigenous culture and people supremacy in our country, it’s a unique culture of us.

  4. It’s compose of more than 7000 islands, a lot of cultures, history, the people are great, located in asia but one of the best english speaking people, only catholic country in asia, a lot of dialects, there is lot more in the philippines, welcome to the philippines mabuhay!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. God loves us so much that he made over 7000 islands.
    Cmon we are not very involved much in WARS and also… we survived when the WHITES tried to colonized us… remember the Mayans and Incas

  6. the people….. the magical culture…. and the awesome food….. the philippines has all kinds of food….. the filipino food was influenced by the spanish, americans, japanese, and Chinese…… and much more……… the philippines also has more than 7,000 beautiful islands…. if u get the chance to visit any country u should choose the philippines because it truly is a magical place….. with its beautiful beaches, wonderful waterfalls, and fantastic food…… yummy!! have fun!!!

  7. First, Rizal with his “enchanted land”. And now, you with your “magical place”.
    I can’t answer your “Why” question. But I feel it, too.
    What lies at the root could either be a bunch of starships, manned by thinly clad models such as Mariang Makiling, or nothing more than sweet potato.

  8. it’s because of Filipinos pleasant disposition and resilience in life. They smile a lot and have great sense of humor. And they have strong belief that they could get by, if not get rich.

  9. i know what you mean.
    like how your car can disappear on you overnight.
    and how your money disappears just as fast from enchantments of poor relatives and neighbors.
    people here can do a lot of magic alright.

  10. I think you have been captivated by the beauty of our country.. I think when you are here the people around you makes you comfortable.. HOSPITALITY that’s the word to be remembered for us Filipinos.


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