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Why is the number 13 so important in the occult and within masonic venues?


  1. There use to be 13 months in a year. 13 was a very acceptable number. It was good luck and still is in some countries/cultures.
    However, crazy people went with it was bad, the church went it was bad, and any time they say it’s bad the fake satanistic occultist push on bad things because they aren’t really into what they are in.. they want to get attention and be saved some day.
    .. and 666 was not 666.. it reads Nero (a name) not 666.. it’s a new thing to throw around the number 666.. it’s worthless and noone would know was you were talking about if you went back a couple hundred years.
    .. and Black Cats are good luck. It’s only North America that thinks they are bad, though through us traveling around other countries kinda know that. But the majority of Countries and Cultures see Black Cats as good luck. The idiots on this continnent the past few hundred years got things wrong all the time,.. infact the majority of colonies and immigrants the first couple hundred years died out from being stupid. It was only people that turned their back on belief that adapted, tolerated, and survived.. and even they would switch back to stupid and bite the hands that fed them.

  2. supposedly 13 has to do with friday the 13th which in history was when the pope ordered that the knights templar to be killed. the number 13 has ever since been a number of bad luck.

  3. 13 has always been a sacred number because long before the modern calender, the cycles of nature were used for judging time. There are 13 moon cycles in a year. Women have 13 cycles of ovulation (opportunity to create life) in a year as well.

  4. Please give instances where you think the number 13 is Masonic? I don’t know any.
    (Don’t say the back of the dollar bill- that is not masonic)

  5. Oh yeah, the thirteen steps on the pyramid. I almost forgot about that. (I disagree with a previous answer; the back of the dollar is at least somewhat Masonic.)
    But aside from the back of the dollar bill, I am likewise curious about any substantial importance of the number within Masonry.
    The number seems more associated with superstition than with any specific occult traditions or symbols.


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