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Why is the consciousness that I am experiencing attached to this physical body?

Why I was picked to live this life and not one of the other 6.5 billion persons on the planet? Am I making any sense?


  1. I reverse your question why were you not picked to the other 6.5 billion persons and to this one to live your life. Am i making any sense?

  2. Because as far as we can tell, consciousness requires a brain, which can only be in one place.
    I know what you mean though, used to wonder the same thing, but if you let go of any notion of soul or consciousness outside the body, you’re left with “because this is where my brain is”.
    Unsatisfying, I know.

  3. Because of these reasons:
    1. Your past choices have giving you karma or drama. If you were bad in your past life, you will suffer in this life. If you were good in your past life you will be awarded.
    2. The karma lords give you a choice in which body you’d like to possess on this physical plane.
    3. Out of the bodies the karma lords gave you the option choosing….. you have another option, and that is to return back to the source aka “god” or whatever you call it.
    4. You decided to get a body to learn. You possessed your body because you thought you had the best chance here.
    You are here to learn and you are learning if you know about this stuff. Just continue to eliminate 50% of your egos. Learn about energy and astral projection, etc.


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