Home Discussion Forum Why is Taoism not held in suck high regards?

Why is Taoism not held in suck high regards?

It follows many scientific theories. And is Atheist in its own sense.
Is this the religion most atheists pick if they pick one at all?
Taoismim really seems to be the most ingenious religion. Don’t you think?
my bad. That should say such. Wow. Prolly cause I just woke up an hour before this.


  1. Are really doing a play on words here?
    Bob Ross- “White man frow”- Patton Oswalt
    Celtic Witch- That was sweet. I loved him too.

  2. Its not a religion its a philosophy and it focuses more on nature and balance. They see water as the ultimate resource and observe yin/yang. They do not believe in education or laws.

  3. Paint me a Happy Tree! Pleeeeeeez!
    I love that guy.
    Oh, and I have nothing against Taoism. To each hir own. But I did notice in “suck” high regard. Intentional?

  4. Many people just don’t get Taoism. I answered a question in the wee hours of the morning about Aristotle’s “Prime Mover” and compared it to Taoism, it was very similar except that the western mind tends to imagine the extrahuman as just that – anthrpomorphic or at least some sort of entity while the eastern mind is capable of grasping the idea of the Tao, a metaphysical law of nature beyond entity. And yes, I am Theravada Buddhist/Taoist.

  5. The Tao Te Ching is great – for one as it doesn¡t arrogantly claim to know what “the way” is, I think it is very insightful and thought provoking (although its authorship cannot be ascertained conclusively, and it has been edited, and translated – just like the Bible) But taoism the religion is a different thing, that is mostly a crock of sht just like all religions.


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