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Why is solar energy good for Earth?

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  1. Solar energy is good for the earth because it’s natural and has a lot of benefits.. Unlike many other artificial lights, the sun doesn’t pollute the earth nor uses alot of energy to make.. Also solar energy could be used to fuel cars or power homes.. Think of the sun as a biocogeneration which means using one source to power another from the same resource.

  2. Solar power is good for the earth and needs to be conserved.The sun produces solar power which in some factories or companies is colllected and turned into electricity.Then is transported to electrical lines there you recieve this very important resource to light your house.Its important because some people cant afford electricity and light so they use solar power to contribe your home.which you need it for homework or youd fail math.

  3. The Earth (as a planet) is indifferent to the solar energy.
    If you meant solar energy for people, it is an additional (very expensive and not productive) source of heat and electric energy. Solar energy production industry can not survive on its profit, it need subsidiaries from government (people taxes). Lots of it!
    It is not any cleaner then other types of energy resources. The development of solar power batteries is very toxic and has a lots of toxic waist. The solar batteries have to take a lot of space to produce any relevant useful energy. So all natural life (trees, animals, etc.) should be removed (killed and destroyed) from the area of the solar power station on many miles around, and concrete and metal and solar batteries will take this place.
    It makes sense for rich people to have some solar power batteries on their roofs I guess, to warm up their pools, and have some extra energy for the home. But the placement of these devices still not cheap at all. But it looks like totally useless, and very expensive way for general population energy production.

  4. Because it’s clean and renewable. Solar energy doesn’t omit any greenhouse gases or cause acid rain. That the sun will shine is always guaranteed. Solar energy is expensive to construct, but free to maintain. The sunshine is infinite.

  5. because it is renewable. Tyhe sun comes up every day. We don’t have to blast it out of the ground. We don’t have to tunnel for it. We don’t have to use toxic chemicals to extract it. And it is inexhaustible. It will shine just as brighly, whther or not we use its rays.
    All non renewable energy sources…coal, hydro, nuclear…will run out one day.They pollute. They produce toxic by products. They interfere with agriculture and ruin natural waterways.
    The sun will always shine…umless we rely on Nuclear Generated power….. and a melt down leads to nuclear winter!


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