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Why is so much easier for some of us (me included) to talk the word of God than to walk it?

When ever a freind or a co-worker has a spiritual issue, I know all the right things to say to make that person see and feel God. Myself on the other hand, it’s as if I get spiritually stupid and forget to give my problems to him, or I forget that he’s there for me and the crap has to hit the fan before I come back. But when someone else is in crisis, there I am talking the talk, praising him, and speaking from my own miraculous experiences, so I’m not talking hypocritcally, and I’m the first person to tell everyone that I’m not doing what I’m suppose to be doing. Why all the falling down and getting back up when I’ve seen and felt the presence of something making a wonderful path for my life?
WOW, talk about signs. God beat me over the head with all of you today. Many many thanks. You all speak so eloquently of God, you make me fall in love with him all over again. Again, thank you all and God Bless.


  1. Because the words are pounded into your head for so long that your brain remembers them, however your heart no longer believes in them.

  2. Because talking is easy and walking is hard! But which is more important?
    I have to give you credit. A lot of Christian friends of mine seem to think ‘talking the talk’ is the whole game! The thing is, -any- principled lifestyle requires more or less continuous effort. If it was easy, it’d be a lot more popular. I’m sure you’ve heard the old Chinese proverb about falling down six times and getting up seven times. 8^)

  3. It is wonderful that you know what to say to help them.
    All you have to do is pray and you have given your problems to God.
    It is that easy.
    I know what you mean.

  4. because everything that is wrong seems so good. because God’s way has never been easy, if that was the case then we would all be on that path.

  5. Talk is cheap. Satan could say good things.
    God has forgiven you for your sins. Try to remember the good you have done in these peoples lives. Try to stay on the path of sinlessness, but remember it is impossible to be sinless. Keep God by your side.
    Do these things and heaven will be yours.
    (See I just did it, and I a horrible sinner. Thank You God for sending your son.)

  6. I’m not Christian, but I find it difficult to always follow the spiritual beliefs I have; the path I believe my guiding power wants for me. I think it’s because we’re human.
    I’m trying to find the strength to not fight back against someone who attacked me personally. This is at the core of my belief system, but I want so badly to strike out. I’m having to talk myself out of it second by second.
    I think that is the key. We need to be aware of when we’re not living up to our spiritiual ideals and take action. I would hope it would become easier over time, but I’m still learning.

  7. Even Paul says, That which I do not want to do, I do, and that which I do, I do not want to do; oh, what a wretched man am I.
    It’s easier to talk the talk because we’re just talking. Every single day we all have to make the decision to beat down our flesh, and every day, we fail.
    The human tendency is to try to handle things in our own strength. It’s not till things get really out of control that we decide to get God involved. The thing we all have to do is when we’re praying, ask God to remind us to consult Him first and not last.
    We are all guilty of the same thing that you struggle with, so don’t feel bad. Feel blessed that God, in our dumbest moments, is still God and that he dealt with ALL of our sin at the Cross, not just some of it.
    Lighten up on yourself, stay in the Word, and continue to be an example and a peer to your friends. Remember, in our weakness, His strength is made manifest.

  8. you are not suppose to “add to the word” ,or “take away from it”.maybe you just don’t want to give what you think is the wrong verse or something.and with someone in a serious situation.you still feel empathy for them and because you feel real concern.you just don’t want to let them down.Pray about it,ask God to give you guidence .In His Son’s name! Your a good Christian, otherwise you wouldn’t even be worrying about it.Doesn’t that mean the “Holy Spirit”(the Helper is within you) working! WE do ALL ,fall short each day! God Bless You always, SIR!!!

  9. well we are still on the other side of eternity so as long as we live in our skin we will continue to fail one of my favorite verse is count it all joy (James) it builds character and let me tell you Buddy i think Ive got so much so i feel you just keep following asking for forgiveness and some day none of us will have to worry well all have it figured out

  10. Because walking the right path is sometimes difficult when our human nature conflicts with it. We are all human and it is our nature to solve our problems. Many times it takes the “crap” hitting the fan before we remember to let go and let God. I have been there too and I’m sure every other Christian has as well. For me I sometimes feel so dumb because I realize the problem would have been solved so much earlier if I had just stepped away and let God tell me what to do.

  11. Words are easy they come out of our mouths easily. At times we intend what we say. But the day to day of doing it is more difficult. We have to keep it constantly in mind, and we run into many things throughout our day that lead us away from our intention. Remember the story of the farmer who threw the seed along a path some on stone some among the weeds some among the good soil. There you go.

  12. Well, that’s the thing. You have done some of the spiritual work and God has helped you out but your heart has to be in the walk itself. One Christian told me that you can never walk without God holding your hand and you’ve got to deny your flesh. That doesn’t sound right to me because it is your flesh that compels you to want to be a Christian in the first place. It is your heart that helps you to choose good over evil. Your gifts are used to serve others when you have a willing heart. Love makes you merciful and humble in your walk. It seems to me that denying yourself and giving your whole life over doesn’t work as good as using what you’ve got in a positive rather than negative way. It shouldn’t be slavery, it should be about rolling your sleeves up and wanting to further the cause of a better world. I’m not the only one that thinks like that.

  13. dear christian,
    it is a choice. choosing to live for Christ is a choice.
    “And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.” (Luke 9:23, 24)
    taking up your cross, is a daily commitment. when we take up our crosses, we die to ourselves. we crucify our fleshly desires, our negative emotions, our evil thoughts, our pride etc. every situation that comes to us, we CHOOSE to make the right decision, to pick up our cross, and to glorify God.
    remember, you are not yourself anymore. you live to worship God, and everything that you do MUST bring glory to His name, in the open, and in the secret.

  14. Well…. consider this… Adam and Eve were without sin, as perfect as a human can be, literally walked with God… yet they sinned… David, “a man after God’s own heart, was a major sinner….the best thing to do is continue to try and ask for help and forgiveness…..

  15. I have this problem. It is hard for me to pray when my life is a disaster. I see answers to everyone else’s problems but I cannot see clearly when I am dealing with my own. I shut Him out. I can’t seem to pray.
    Sorry, I have been of no help to you.

  16. I don’t know but the song writer said that it is not an easy road.
    The Bible tells us that it can be done. My grace is sufficient for thee. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me, He will wonderfully help. There are a few more which escape me at present and would you believe it, I left my Bible in the car. The library will close shortly.

  17. You must give yourself as a living sacrifice to God. Speak and walk boldly. Ask for this, and it will be given to you. understand the depth of God’s love for you. He sacrificed Himself for you out of love. He took the beatings of the “cat-o-nine” tails. Ridicule. Spat upon. Are you in a healthy well balanced church? Bible study? Stay in the Word and be strengthened. Yazoo-He is there for you. Call upon Him. Surround yourself with believers. God bless.

  18. I am in the same boat as you! I can preach about faith and to the point that they feel they could walk on water but……..I sink to the bottom of the ocean when I tried to stand on it myself sometimes.


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