why is sleep paralysis always associated with demons?

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um…it’s not?

Jeff Spicoli

Willful ignorance.


It isn’t so much anymore.
Now it’s “aliens” as much as, or more than, “demons.”

Stefan O

I didn’t know it was in the first place.


No , astral projec.tors have sleep paralysis sometimes.


It’s not. I have had that condition for many years.


Hey, this is a serious question, and I think it belongs in the biology or psychology section. “Always” is an exaggeration, but it’s true that many people who hallucinate during sleep paralysis see demons. I personally never hallucinated a demon during my episodes, but I know that it’s not uncommon. If the answer could be discovered, I think it would shed light on the functioning of the brain.


Do you know what always means? It’s an absolute term which means that it is NEVER associated with anything but demons.
Look up sleep paralysis. If there is even one explanation that does not involve demons (and there will be), then it is not ALWAYS associated with demons.
This is simple English really. Please use it when asking a question.


sleep paralysis often comes with VERY vivid hallucinations. i speek from experience.


sleep paralysis has nothing to do with demons but some evil spirits are roaming in yu house and it is trying to harm yu.so better vacate the house soon and shift to new place.


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