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Why is our mind split between conscious and subconscious?


  1. So we are not bombarded with everything all at once. We need to keep some desires and feelings in our subconscious so we don’t do crazy things, so we don’t offend people, so we don’t get overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas.

  2. Some things are to important biologically to be left up to a persons discretion. This might not be as advantageous now a days, but it was before we had civilizations.

  3. Our mind is dependent upon our perception of the world . We have there layers of our mind, Conscious, SuSubconscious and UnUnconscious . Conscious mind is the mind which we perceive just now and which we can recollect by a little endeavor, Sub coconscious mind is not available to our conscious mind because that portion of mind is dormant . Unconscious mind stores events which happened when we were child and these events are not remembered, even if we make attempts to recollect them. Splitting of mind is controlled by our mental mechanism, because if we do not forget event which we do not want to remember, we will not be able to memorize fresh events. If we can accept the proposition that there is a level of consciousness where past and future are one, it becomes a great deal easier to see why we can not forget events.

  4. Human beings like to draw distinctions, usually into two or sometimes three types. The brain doesn’t care about such theories and just gets on with the job of being a brain.
    The planning aspect of our brain can only consider very limited amounts of information at any time. Other aspects monitor the environment for threats, mates and food. This processes vast amounts of information and discards most of it as unimportant. High priority stuff is acted upon and may be passed to the planning aspect if there is time.
    The brain is highly complex and our current theories aren’t very adequate. Can you get a definite non-woolly definition of conscious and sub/unconscious? Do people share the same definition?
    In short the brain does its thing and we try to explain it.


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