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why is naruto trying to control the nine tails chakra in sage mode?

please tell me is he going to use its chakra while in sage mode


  1. They haven’t revealed that as of yet. My theory is that being able to conrol the kyuubi will be like when Killer Bee controls the hachibi. So this will be one of Narutos major trump cards by being able to control a tailed beast while it’s being in its beast form. Naruto using sage mode by doing this is TBA, but another one of my theories is that by using the kyuubi’s chakra he’ll be able to stay in Sage Mode longer. While Naruto was fighting pain you breifly saw him go Kyuubi while in sage mode–his eyes changed to the kyuubi’s eyes while still in having sage eyes. The final outcome of this training is going to be momentous.

  2. Naruto is trying to control the nine tailed fox because in the manga series Naruto’s dad tell’s Naruto when he’s about to open the nineth tail to be careful…..
    Naruto’s dad tells Naruto that if he opens the nineth tail that Naruto might die…

  3. its not that he is using the nine-tails chakra he is just getting it under CONTROL, because it was taking him over and he needed to CONTROL it


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