Home Discussion Forum Why is mystical enlightenment via the use of entheogens frowned upon?

Why is mystical enlightenment via the use of entheogens frowned upon?

Why is it that the use of psychoactive substances for spiritual, ritual, metaphysical and mystical enlightenment and in order to attain higher truth frowned upon in modern society? Many people simply assume that the use of drugs as a means to enlightenment for philosophical individuals is just “getting high”. Why?


  1. Well they are used in Shamanism. I think their association with recreation is probably to blame….the same as tantra really. one thing however is that they tend to produce visionary experiences rather than experiences of “union”, but if you feel you must use them then that is your path.

  2. These substances can be good for initiation, if there is appropriate cultural support. But they are not to be depended on for longterm use. As Lame Deer said, a competent medicine person ought to be able to get where (s)he needs to be “on his own juices.”

  3. it’s all about trying to detect that higher consciousness vibe. You get it naturally but people don’t know how to use their spiritualism energy, so they turn to substance like drugs.

  4. Maybe because it kills brain cells and isn’t so good for your body?
    When I did shrooms one time in high school I wasn’t so enlightened. I thought the government was after me the entire time (don’t ask). It really wasn’t a great experience. Not very enlightening, I’ll tell you that much. Panic and fear!

  5. I use various drugs to help attain states that I could not. Basically I view them more as training wheels [I have no desire to become a Chemmage] to help me figure out how a certain feeling exists, and then advance from there.
    Currently, I have been experimenting with opiates [An idea I accidentally acquired from my girlfriend] to determine how euphoria feels. I am surprised to realize that I can do the same exact thing to my brain as the hydrocodone does, it just takes me a lot of work.I hope to be able to access that feeling more easily without chemical help soon.
    Basically, I look down on people who do that solely as their path as they could do it to themselves if they put in enough effort.

  6. It was believed in the Sixties [Yes I am that old ! ] this would work and there was many of us that did believe that together with a trip or two to India but sadly we were wrong I have seen many good and decent people die There wasn’t the information about then regarding this and we had to learn on the job so to speak
    It really isn’t the way to go I can assure you Meditation is the route I would suggest for you Everything is revealed in Meditation Everything I wish You well


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