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Why is my spiritual representative image schizophrenic?

What dark force keeps interfering with my avatar?
It keeps interchanging between my cute little rabbit, and Lucky Bunny, the purple Sonic character I made.
Fair enough, they’re both my avatars, but I am not switching them in 360. Do you think the devil is playing with my account, causing these personality shifts?
Or would you think it is a response to the moon’s gravity, boosted by a elecromagnetic influence from the end of God’s superfinger?


  1. I just think you are rainbow flavoured. You like different things 🙂
    Well I don’t see a problem unless any of your other personalities are pyromaniacs or etc.

  2. What is wrong with some people? Why do they have to go on and on about schizophrenia? There are some people with schizophrenia who tend to be too nice for their own good, please don’t put them down like this, they don’t deserve it. It is very degrading for them.
    Plus, what has schizophrenia got to do with religion and spirituality??? You seem to have a big problem mate!

  3. I just received a message from Yahoo saying they were having some video difficulties with some of the avatars. The only problem I experienced this morning has been the pictures are changing from time to time; some relatively clear and others appear to be changing into digital coding,( tiny little vertical rectangles) appearing and the reassembling to form a picture.

  4. Good morning cute Bunny. I believe there are dark, evil Yamster forces at work here. I think the goal is to drive R&S members to madness. Shudder!

  5. it could just be a harmless system error or it could be mw mucking about an all
    but it ain’t the last one so it may have something to do with your mood and it afecting your computer

  6. I was actually wondering about that you know! I don’t know. Perhaps Lucky Bunny has a kidney infection right now. Or, given rabbits’ reputations, perhaps Lucky Bunny is trying to start a family. Sonic is probably just standing in when Lucky Bunny needs to go and attend to whatever it is.

  7. I consulted the devil and he IS playing with your account. I have told him to go away and let me play with you for awhile.
    I can cause some really BIG personality shifts, and truly uplifting experiences.
    Lady M


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