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Why is my man lazy and selfish?

He tells me he wants to make me happy but can never ‘get round to it’. My man likes is fast and rough, he wants me to cum too but he cant be bothered learning how to make me happy. I tell him what I want and he makes a rubbish effort at it for 3 minutes then carries on fulfilling himself.
He never strokes, holds, kisses, massages me without me asking.
He wants things to be better and he knows he is wrong, but he still cannot control his selfishness.
I have had men in the past that weren’t nearly as selfish as this guy, thing is, im hooked – other than this our relationship is great fun and really good.
What should I do? I really love him and want this to work. I would love to try tantra with him, but he ‘never gets round to it’.


  1. He’s lazy and selfish because you’re allowing it.
    Plain and simple. You want him to change but then reward him for not changing. The problem is you.

  2. Maybe because you keep nagging him half to death or maybe he is just tired of your crap. You constant complaining, whining, and moaning over everything. Your lucky he’s around.

  3. um it’s not your fault he’s like that and any idiot who says that probably blames everyone else for their problems (thegusta) on the other hand you don’t have to be unhappy either.

  4. He’s that way because you allow him to be. Take control in the bedroom. There’s no law that says things have to be done his way. When things are going to fast, slow them down. Switch positions to one that allows you to dominate. Once he sees how much fun it can be when you take your time with it, he might learn to slow down a bit.

  5. but if you keep talking gently about it….. he is willing to learn…. and try.
    even your post suggests that things are getting better…. whether you admit it or not…… he is trying…. that has to count for something.
    old habits die hard…. and new ones take time…..
    keep at it.


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