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Why is my energy being drained?

Ok last night I was laying in bed. I was using my phone to use the internet to look up some info on a gift of mine called precognition. anyways as I’m laying there I get hit by a feeling of all my energy being sucked or drained from my body. When I attempted to use a gift of mine, clairaudience and clairvoyance, I couldn’t. I had no energy. What was more strange was that I also didn’t have the energy to hold my phone up. Then I started to lose focus. If it is relevant I also have had a headache the past two days. What I find odd about it is that its located where my third eye is. Without my third eye I can’t use precognition. What also came with my headache was overload of clairaudience. It has been like the smallest noise sounds like an explosion to me. With clairaudience I can also do telepathy, reading minds. That has been killing me the past two days. Because I went to wal-mart yesterday and I accidentaly spilled a drink I just bought. When that happened my headache hit and all the people’s thoughts got into my head. I could tell a lot of people weren’t happy with me. I don’t like being in crowded areas when I get thoughts. Its like an overload. Yet like today the only person I’ve been around is my mom. I could hear her thoughts across the house. Its been maddening.
I need to find out what has been draining my psychic energy and I need to get the noises quieter. Any suggestions?
no i don’t think its demon. i’ve seen a demon before. not the feeling i got last night. i was calm except for the loss of energy and lack of focus. i don’t have any symptoms that you listed. also demons make a room cold. odd considering they come from the firey underwold, but I’ve been in a room with one i know the feeling. and aren’t occults evil?

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  1. This is in the wrong section (Religion and Spirituality would be better), but I’ll try to answer this anyway.
    There is either an amount of negative energy hanging around you, which is draining you, or a demon. Demons are basically malevolent spirits.
    When you are attacked by a demon, you experience the following symptoms:
    -Hot flushes
    -Restlessness (you’re tired, but you can’t seem to sit still and when you try to lie down, you keep moving around)
    -Loss of appetite
    -The room that you’re in, or the air around you if you’re outside, heats up and becomes hotter than the other rooms, or the air around it, the opposite of when a good spirit is near.
    -Shakiness (mostly just your hands trembling, but annoying all the same)
    While I do know the symptoms, I unfortunately don’t know the outcome of a demon attack, but my guess is they feed off your energy, probably where “energy vampires” came from – mediators who didn’t know what they were seeing.
    My suggestion is call up a mediator (if you know one) and/or buy a chunk of orange calcite (a common crystal). Whether it’s a bracelet, a pendant, a massive chunk, a small rock, it doesn’t matter. Keep this on you, and with any luck it will work. http://www.forthejoyofit.com/Joy2_Sexuality/Orange-Calcite_2.4.jpg

  2. Anytime you have those sensations just jump in a hot bath or eat a hot soup. It will recharge automatically and without drama. The body’s energy got umballanced because there was a blockage. It has nothing to do with clairvoyance, unless you insist !

  3. I believe everyone of us has a third eye or a gift of clairvoyance , whenever this strange phenomenone occurs , all we have to do is to keep calm , or try to make your senses in focus.
    In your case you still is not in control of yourself , it might be because you are not in acceptance to it yet. What I mean is you are still trying to figure it out whats happening. Try to ask yourself , if you are ready to be a part of this supernatural gift ? If you are ready then it is the time when you could be in control of the situation you are in. You would not feel panicky , or weak .
    Be careful though because this supernatural gift is very dangerous if you are not in some spiritual guidance , there might be a source of evil spirit who is in you , that is using your being for their own purposes.
    Its better for you to be aware , remember this is a rare gift , so if you use it in some bad influence to people , then the consequence is vast . Be quick to ask assistance because you cannot deal this one alone.
    If you are in some faith better to ask guidance from the priest or if not , maybe you have some spiritual calling, I suggest you maditate first , then your instinct will tell you so.

  4. use a twinky
    Ok I am serious now, say the following whenever you feel like you described:
    “Aaoutho Billahi Mina Ashaitanill Rajeem”.

  5. You may be empathic too which is why you experienced all the annoyance coming from others.
    Are you using any general protection techniques? You should also have a regular routine of keeping your aura and chakras clean. If you aren’t, there are several sources for protection and cleansing techniques on the internet as well as books.
    Stress throws one’s entire system off so don’t discount the impact of general stress in your life. I find the best cure for stress is regular meditation practise. Again, you can find many sources of meditation and Yoga (if you’re so inclined) instruction on the internet as well as books and DVDs.

  6. Ok, so you lost all your energy, felt very funny, had a headache for two straight days and dropped things in a supermarket…..
    My reply is very serious, you could have a brain tumor. It could be fatal.
    You really should get checked out. It’s not your third eye or whatever (not that i don’t believe in being able to read minds and connect through different mediums), these sound very much like the symptoms of a tumor or similar. Please, get it checked out. You don’t want to leave family & friends without saying goodbye do you? This is what could happen, please, get it checked out.
    A concerned fellow human being.

    • Stop scaring the kid, it’s not a tumor…
      The attack of energy draining is common for individuals attuned to spirituality, unfortunately it’s most likely a stronger entity feeding from you for it’s own power source. There are perpetrators involved in milab transdimensional energy drain, recharge and keep your barriers up.

      • Hi! I am feeling drained often..specially after meditation or intense light moments. Something happens, usually its a person that comes to visit and my body starts to feel cold and I feel my energy draining. I get sense of fear and low vibration.
        Can you share some knowledge about this? I know about energy vampires but I have not much understanding. How to protect either.
        Thank you so much. Blessings ***

    • Sucubus/Incubus. Sucks the energy right out of the back of your head where you’re spine meets the skull. That’s where my headaches were. Sounds like one has possessed you because they do this from inside your body. They are extremely hard to detect. Thy can come and go from your body as thy please, but they become most active when you lay down, ready for bed. They will move throughout your body draining your energy from your heart, legs, brain stem, etc. Also, they manipulate your dreams and try to control you in your dreams. They will try to cause fear to feed off of your fear energy, which is their favorite meal.
      I was being visited at night for weeks before it decided to just come on inside and stay.
      I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of it, it’s really pissing me off having hijacked my body. it’s nothing more than a cosmic leach and a parasite.
      Also, they can read your mind and you can somewhat control it telepathically. Thought it won’t leave my body, yet….


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