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Why is my consciousness inside this body?

I know this seems a little crazy but I have never been able to get over how strange it is:
Out of all the people born and existing through out history and still alive today, why did I happen to be this one? It’s really hard to understand…
I mean what the heck am I, the part that is observing all of this? I mean I know I can see my body and interact with physical objects, but I feel like there is something underneath that is observing it happening, something sort of timeless.
Does anybody else think it’s strange?


  1. Are you operating under the assumption that you have a soul? If that is the case the answer is more nebulous.
    However, if you are NOT, the answer is you occupy your particular body because that is the one that houses your particular brain which generates your particular personality.

  2. I always see it as your body’s the car and your soul is the fuel.
    I believe your body is not you, it’s just a case for you soul.
    The body dies, but you do not.

    • Your body is the car, your soul is you and the spirit God gave you is the fuel. As for “Why is my consciousness inside this body?” When are souls were created we floated about in a timeless void (or holding pen if you will) waiting for the time at which we would be born into this world. Many people have some kind of memory of being in this state, including Ricky Gervais. Then being born our parents spiritual state determines our physical condition and from there our relationship with our parents determines how well or badly the rest of our life goes. If at some point in the early part of your life you had a problem with existing due to not being able to bare parental treatment on some issue or other then the feeling of being trapped in your body would have resulted which you will keep for the rest of your life and which will manifest with varying levels of intensity at different times. There is one way which you can be healed of this disturbing feeling but the cost is infinite. So we go through our lives for better or worse but the key to this life is to find God and forgiveness through Jesus and to then go on to be a blessing to the rest of man kind and help them produce peace and joy and go on into eternity with the God that made us rather than hell. Because we all sin, the good the bad the pretty and the ugly and because of this we all need saving. When we die our bodies go into the ground, our spirit goes back to God who gave it and our soul? well you know the rest.

  3. It is the Soul. or subconcious mind. No it isn’t strange, why do you think there is life after death, you do not die your soul lives on even though your physical body dies. The ‘essence’ of you does not die.

  4. No…this is not strange, it is your spirit. Your spirit resides in this earth in your body and when your body passes, your spirit will go somewhere else.
    What is underneath you is the spirit of the Universe which is a part of you.

  5. that’s called your higher self. it’s aware that you are here to learn lessons. you’re lucky, a lot of people don’t have this awareness. i bet you’d get a lot out of meditation.
    the body you have was chosen by you before you came here, partly because the features and genes you inherited go along with the life you planned for yourself.

  6. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, we are but the imaginations of ourselves.

  7. yes, this is central to the human conundrum. Try looking into psychology.
    Your ‘mind’ is the sum of parts of the brain, memory, sensation and imagination I think.
    Your consciousness isn’t IN your body, it IS your body (dualism/monism).
    We all feel a certain timelessness but it’s an illusion. We can alter someone’s personality by physically messing with their brain, if the brain dies then you go out like a light.

    • That doesn’t explain perspective. How do you explain the perspective you wer given, i.e. the fact that you view the worldfrom behind your eyes and not your neighbor’s?
      Non spiritual people always seem to forget this question when discussing this topic, or they conveniently explain it as a physical manifestation of their particular body. I’m not questioning your sprituality, not by a long shot, but to me this very question which lacks an answer is reason enough to believe in life after death.

  8. Very strange. I have read much on the emergence of consciousness and assorted psychologists and philosophers writing on the `mind’ and personal identity and all of it, no doubt, is fascinating and enlightening. Yet it does nothing to dispel that feeling of awe and even a kind of fear at what I am and why I am. All theories are just theories, after all, and none of them seem to completely answer the question you’re asking – which is a question I know well. You may find the books I’ll cite in the Sources section of interest. All the best to you…….

  9. I believe you are talking about your mind when observing the world. That is the part that makes me interpret and analyze all things. And then there are internal emotions, both of which are either in the brain or not, but I honestly don’t think they are. The brain receives signals from senses like touch, sight, smell, taste, hearing, but what about hearing the voice in your head, or emotions that you get just from thinking that you feel within not on your body. Could it be that emotions and the mind make up the soul?

  10. Your question may only be answered correctly by believing in Creator God who knew you before the world was made.
    God has set eternity into the hearts of men.

  11. I completely agree and can thoroughly empathize with you.
    However, I would argue that asking “why” you are you is a roadblock through ones’ journey through thought. There are some things that we can never find true, empirical justification for, which is why many see theism as such a paradox (a question that answers a question).
    I believe that the word “why”, when addressing consciousness, is irrational, because it simply has no answer. All that we can truly be certain of is that we necessarily exist (in whatever form this may be).
    As to “why” we exist – we can only wonder at such things, therefore it is more logical (although not necessarily easy) to simply accept your existence as it is.
    It’s interesting that you mention “something timeless”. That reminds me a lot of George Berkeley’s theory on the existence of a God.

  12. I was delighted to find your yahoo question in which you pose the ‘consciousness’ conundrum almost word for word the way I would pose it. I’ve read Chalmers’ description of the ‘hard problem’ but can’t help feeling there’s a ‘harder problem’ lurking that needs addressing.
    I ask the question like this:
    At this moment in time there are some 6 billion people alive on earth. Moreover, there have been billions alive in the past – before me – and there will be billions more after me. Yet, of all these human beings, there is one individual (from my perspective) that stands out from the rest, that’s different from all the others. And that person, of course, is me. Presumably I could have been any one of all those billions. But something determined that I would be on the inside of this particular body. What determined that? How was that association made? What determined that my consciousness would manifest itself in this (my) particular body — out of all those others? I understand that mind and body go hand in hand and that one’s consciousness develops from one’s experiences. If I had an identical twin, for example, we would be genetically identical but differ in our experiences. But, in my opinion, that’s not enough to justify why my consciousnes manifested itself inside only one of those bodies. I can’t help feeling there’s just got to be an answer to this question.
    Posing the question is hard enough – which is why I was glad to see your wording.

    • That’s the question I have been asking to myself and several others! Or, paraphrasing, ”Why do I look from these eyes?” (and perceive the world from this particular body and the moment of time)
      And I couldn’t find any really satisfying (and more or less scientific) explanation!

  13. I feel the same way. Why is my consciousness in this particular body, and why does so much of who I am seem predefined? I am struggling to come to terms with the fundamental alienation I feel from all other entities. I can never truly know anyone because I cannot experience their consciousness; I can only perceive them in a manner which is, essentially, primarily a reflection of my own consciousness. Am I alone in feeling this way?

    • You are not alone at all. For some reason, I googled the question: “Why am I in this body?” and found your words. The fact that you are asking the same question makes me believe perhaps, we are the same, just living as ourselves. I don’t pretend for that to make sense, I just wrote as it came out. Your thoughts.

  14. I have asked myself this question since I was a child. All I can recommend to others is to study. Study what?…everything. I may not have the answers to life’s tough questions, but equipping your mind with more knowledge can only help us to feel closer to the goal. Maybe someday a sliver of an answer will be exposed. I will make sure my mind trained to make use of any such opportunity.

  15. Maybe God is lonely and bored with its own eternal allmightiness so it pretends to be a human animal?
    I think human body is pretty pathetic to house advanced intelligence and perhaps that’s the point… At some point being human becomes also boring. Hopefully soon we’ll become something else, way more cool than this primitive monkey like housing.. I, for one, am bored and ready to move on.

  16. The truth is, you, whoever you are reading this comment, you are me. We are all the universe. We may think you and me are separate, but its only an illusion. in the end we will be one, once again, forever and ever. We were one, then many, then one. That is the nature of the Universe, exploding and collapsing on itself, for all eternity


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