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Why is my boss telling me to practice zen meditation?

My boss has told me twice now that I need to practice Zen meditation at work. After doing a bit of research on Zen meditation, I’m convinced that she has no clue what she’s talking about, but perhaps there is some sort of secondary goal to Zen meditation that I’m missing. She refuses to translate her requests into “normal” criticism, though normally I can uncover what she’s trying to get at. Any ideas?


  1. Sounds like she thinks you are stressed out or all over the place. Meditation (in any form) is for relaxation and bringing the crazy in your head back to normal.
    I think you are right and your boss has no idea what she is talking about.

  2. you should get her fired for her pushing her religious beliefs on you!!!….or you could be adult about it and just ignore her. id go with the second.

  3. The true goal of Zen meditation is to wake up to being in the present moment, aware of where and what you are right now, and being able to take action with what is in front of you this very moment.
    Maybe she’s telling you to stop daydreaming and get back to work.

  4. Maybe she just thinks you’re stressed out a bit and that some meditation would help. She may simply equate Zen with meditation.

  5. Your boss’s comments sound inappropriate, mainly because freedom of religion is a constitutional right, and by her telling you to practice zen meditation, she’s trying to force her religious beliefs upon you (in this case, Buddhism).
    Next time she brings this up, mention your First Amendment right and the fact that her “request” of you is out of line. She should get the point, if she’s smart.

  6. the answer lies in whether or not she is buddhist. if she’s not, she’s telling you to start being more aware at work, to focus. if she’s buddhist, then maybe she honestly thinks you need it.


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