Why is my Amethyst stone not giving me any good luck?





I guess I was right. It probably is a piece of rock.


  1. first off it appears that you are using for the wrong purpose. amethyst are used for healing, and it provides protection and balance in times of stress and transition.
    if you are looking for a stone to bring you good luck you might want to look into a piece of jade.
    but i digress, in regards to your amethyst you might want to purify and charge it. and as silly as it sounds develop a realationship with the stone, read about it learn everythin you can about it. and then you will be able to use it properly

  2. The amethyst stone is not just a luck stone. It is actually more of a power of focus stone. How long since you have cleansed and charged it? It needs to be cleansed and recharged at least every quarter (3 times a year) by putting it in salt water under the full moon for a whole night, making sure it does not see the sunlight for 24 hours after the charging.

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