Why is Margrath Thatcher seen as such a great example of female leadership ?

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The 80s were disastrous for England, she thought getting rid of nukes is a terrible idea, opposed the reunification of Germany and moaned and whined when Reagan sent troops to liberate an Island of the commonwealth that had been overrun by the Soviets.
She basically got it all wrong, while maintaining an aura of arrogance.
All the feminists on this board.

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Are you serious?
When had anybody ever said that??

Mabel B

Margaret Thatcher did some bad things, agreed. But people seem to only remember the bad things she did, she did some brilliant things as well.
The country is in a mess again under “New Labour” and she is even getting the blame for the massive mistakes the present government are making.


Most English people hated Thatcher and she is the main reason why there will not be another female PM for a long time.

Evil Guy

I personally think she was superior to any feminist that’s ever come to power, she was a conservative after all.

thing 55001

LOL, people rioted in the streets when she was PM and no-one has a good word to say about her now except the old cold war warriors of the right.
Who are these mysterious people who hold her as such a great example?
Cheers 🙂

Louise C

She also managed to act with decisiveness over the invasion of the Falklands, whichis a point in her favour. And why is getting rid of nukes a good idea anyway? If we get rid of ours, you can bet your life some nutter in a faraway land won’t have got rid of his, and then where are we?
And Margaret Thatcher isn’t generally a favourite with feminists anyway,as you would know if you knew anything about anything.
And as for all the people who say the English hated her – how come she managed to remain Prime Minister for eleven years then?


i remember as a kid singing a song about margaret Thatcher, throw her up and catch her and put her in the bin or something to that effect.
as to your question since she is the only female that we have ever had that’s why she was seen as such a great example.
i was too young to know exactly what was going on with poll tax and such like but i know that the people of scotland really did not like her as they felt she was treating them unfairly.
the 80s was a crappy time but was it anymore3 crappy than any other time?
have new labour done any better than maggie?
do people hate brown as much as maggie?
good question tho.


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