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Why is LSD bad?

Its damn near impossible to overdose and it is non-addictive….plus it can have so many positive effects such as a spiritual awakening….and no it dosnt put holes in your brain, like u are brainwashed to believe since u were a kid.


  1. Nothing is that bad in small doses. But people do burn out on it if they do it too much over too long a time period. Just go easy on it, you know? Besides, when you overdo things they tend to lose their specialness in life.

  2. altering your consciousness and taking drugs that make you see and hear things that are not there gives you spiritual awakening? Somebody sure did a number on you, kid.
    Its asinine to suggest that drugs help you think better, and its taking drugs that make you believe it may be possible.

  3. Most of the time, when you use a substance that radically changes the chemistry of your brain, its gonna be bad. Your brain is fragile.
    Your brain is fragile, understand Acid? When u fuck with it, it fucks with u.

  4. Is sleeping all day bad? Or is staying high on Pot ? or is wasting your life away doing nothing productive just a personal choice – and that’s Ok as long as it doesn’t really hurt anyone.
    There is always someone affected one way or another by the choices you make. Consider the consequences of your actions & determine if you want to be responsible for the results, … But be straight long enough to really learn what the “Real” consequences are.
    Lsd…oh brother! 🙁

  5. sorry man that is not true. it is very easy to overdose, some people who only take a few hits never get out of their trip and live in a psychiatric ward for the rest of their lives. also, if you are taking acid you are assuming the person who made it made it 100% right, which is not always the case. one common mistake people often make while making acid can result in it containing a form of strip 9- thats rat poison which can kill you.
    call it a ‘speritual awakening’ if you want, but LSD blurs the line between reality and imagination, certian things you see, think etc are not whats really their. it kills your brain cells, thats what being high is, the feeling that results in the loss of brain cells. i hope you stop taking LSD before the damage is irreversable.

  6. LSD alters your view of reality, and can lead you to believe things that are not the case.
    It stays in your system, so you can suddenly have an “acid flashback” and be tripping at an inopportune time years later.
    All things in moderation my friend 🙂

  7. LSD is bad because it is a mind altering chemical synthesized by man.
    LSD is not a sin because sin doesn’t come in a baggie or in a bottle. Jesus said that what comes out of a man defiles him.
    At the same time LSD will NOT spiritually awaken you. The bible alone does this. Try it sometime, it’s a real trip.

  8. No. LSD comes from a fungus that grows on rye bread, it was made a doctor, who also used it and he used it on patients as a therapy. It can be dangerous psychologically, like a bad trip. No physical damage and its non addictive.
    maybe do some research before you reply

  9. When you wake up from a dream, you know that you were just dreaming and now you are awake – it is unmistakeable!
    When you truely feel something “real”, there is no mistaking that it is “real” just as you are reading this now.
    The spiritual awakening comes from using LSD when you disregard the trip itself, dont get caught up in the trip – wherever your attention goes is magnified so its important to keep your attention on you.
    when you take LSD and disregard the hallucination/trip there comes a point when the hallucination dissappears and only the “real is left”
    disregarding the halucination in everyday life is called “Meditiation”
    I had a crash course in meditation from using LSD never having had even the slightest interest pre LSD
    LSD use does not have to be repeated once you learn the lesson because everything becomes apparent.


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