Why is John McCain wrong for America?

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John McCain voted against establishing a national holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Now he says his position has “evolved,” yet he’s continued to oppose key civil rights laws.
According to Bloomberg News, McCain is more hawkish than Bush on Iraq, Russia and China. Conservative columnist Pat Buchanan says McCain “will make Cheney look like Gandhi.”
His reputation is built on his opposition to torture, but McCain voted against a bill to ban waterboarding, and then applauded President Bush for vetoing that ban.
McCain opposes a woman’s right to choose. He said, “I do not support Roe versus Wade. It should be overturned.”
The Children’s Defense Fund rated McCain as the worst senator in Congress for children. He voted against the children’s health care bill last year, then defended Bush’s veto of the bill.
He’s one of the richest people in a Senate filled with millionaires. The Associated Press reports he and his wife own at least eight homes! Yet McCain says the solution to the housing crisis is for people facing foreclosure to get a “second job” and skip their vacations.
Many of McCain’s fellow Republican senators say he’s too reckless to be commander in chief. One Republican senator said: “The thought of his being president sends a cold chill down my spine. He’s erratic. He’s hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me.”
McCain talks a lot about taking on special interests, but his campaign manager and top advisers are actually lobbyists. The government watchdog group Public Citizen says McCain has 59 lobbyists raising money for his campaign, more than any of the other presidential candidates.
McCain has sought closer ties to the extreme religious right in recent years. The pastor McCain calls his “spiritual guide,” Rod Parsley, believes America’s founding mission is to destroy Islam, which he calls a “false religion.” McCain sought the political support of right-wing preacher John Hagee, who believes Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for gay rights and called the Catholic Church “the Antichrist” and a “false cult.”
He positions himself as pro-environment, but he scored a 0–yes, zero–from the League of Conservation Voters last year

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Obama is bad for America because he is a racist and believes in black seperatism. He’s running for President of all people, not just black people.

Julie H

John McCain is only wrong for America if you want to pay more taxes. Obama is raising everyone’s taxes.
MCCAIN (no changes)
Single making 30K – tax $4,500
Single making 50K – tax $12,500
Single making 75K – tax $18,750
Married making 60K- tax $9,000
Married making 75K – tax $18,750
Married making 125K – tax $31,250
(reversion to pre-Bush tax cuts)
Single making 30K – tax $8,400
Single making 50K – tax $14,000
Single making 75K – tax $23,250
Married making 60K – tax $16,800
Married making 75K – tax $21,000
Married making 125K – tax $38,750


“Ace McCain” disagrees with himself quite alot
“Ace McCain” killed 20 people when flying too low, he wrecked his 2nd aircraft
how could he have earned 28 medals in a mere 20 hours of combat service?


Well, it seems like you answered your own question.
Like Jon Stewart once said “Everyone talks about his Straight-Talk Express. They don’t tell you it’s going to B.S.town.”

Tony H

If anything its because he is too liberal..
I see the hourly DNC “rant” has been posted.


You vote for BO, I’ll vote McCain. It’s a wash.


John McCain is right for America. Your blog is the reason to vote for him, not Obama.


Imagine George Bush WITHOUT the consistency.
McCain might do damn near anything.


Because America is a continent and McCain a presidential aspirant in the US.
The US is only one of 37 American nations. It would be wrong to put one man in charge of 37 nations.


all i know is that in biblical terms, i read about the ‘abomination that causeth desolations’ in daniel ch 12 and other books of the bible. mccain wont win, lets get that fact out now. on the otherhand i sorta call it the ‘obamanation of desolation’ as stated in the bible.. obama winning is scary.. wrong time in history for him.what i dont get is that every1 hates bush and loves obama, i guess thats a part of a great deception. speaking of deceiving, can any1 explain this CHANGE obama speaks about, in specifics. who is this mystery man? his name barack hussein obama… count the letters in sixes and you’ll get 3 sixes in his name. mccain is to old to be president. mccain doesnt know the difference between surge and truces.he already shows signs of dementia, and cant even wake up in early morning hours, besides that the church is not voting for him this year as they did bush. in my mind hillary was the only experienced candidate running for president and we could trust the clintons before trusting the husseins. we rid 1 hussein and our own people votes 1 as our leader.. change? yea, we will see CHANGE

Johnny Sokko

Nice cut & pasting, but if you actually considered the difference between the candidates without parroting liberal websites, you might deduce that Obama is the true danger to America.
But hey, at least you pasted it in and didn’t just paste the link and expect us to click over.


Gee Matt, you said you were a Republican. You are a liar…..
Why should anyone believe anything you post?


No matter what the Repugs say, a John McCain presidency would just be a continuation of the Bush agenda


Allow me to Break this down into simple Terms:
McCain is Against the Advancement of Women and minorities who compose over 50% of the Total population of the United States.
He is all for Nafta, that is responsible for Exporting Jobs and open Borders. Fair Trade is What will help Americans Remain Solvent and not taken over by Large Corporations that are Not loyal to American Interests. McCain has voted in Favor of Amnesty for Illegals, While screaming against Securing the Borders. Nafta amounts to the eventual loss of Sovereignty. McCain Has not supported the Troops that remain in Afganistan or Iraq. He has voted against benefits for veterans, this year alone and will Increase Taxes. He would also combine going “Green” Combining nuclear, wind and solar energy with drilling for oil, as a long term solution to our Current energy crisis.
Obama is all for Open Boders and Nafta Free Trade Not Fair Trade. Fair Trade would be advantageous to Americans and Stop unfair advantages foreign entities have, with tax breaks.
Civil Unions, according to Obama would to be determined by individual states
He is for Increasing Taxes
He is also for Choice in Abortions but answered he is Christian and does not believe that life begins at conception. That left Evangelicals scratching their heads.

david c

u have a choice obama is WRIGHT for america


Excellent post. I couldn’t agree with you more. Last night’s performance basically confirmed everything you said. I really wish more people were informed about this.

impeach pelosi

Because he saved the American taxpayer billions on an Air Force tanker?
Because he has no earmarks that we have to pay for?
Because he wasn’t elected Miss Congeniality for his spending cuts?
Because he believes all Americans should have the opportunity to become “rich” without big government intervening? (So don’t get jealous, just because he’s an example of American capitalism)
Because he believes evil should be eliminated, not just confronted?
Because he believes human life starts at conception?, and leave it up to individual states and keep big government out of it?
Because he believes in tax credits, not more taxes?
Because he believes Americans should serve a cause greater than themselves?
Because he believes in one man and one woman and big government should keep their noses out of it leaving it up to the states?
Yeah, I see a whole lot of reasons McCain is “wrong” for America.


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