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Why is it when…?

… I astrally project do I see my eyes? That is, why is it that I can see the outline of my eyelids and my eyelashes?
I AM out of my body because I look at my hand and it’s transparent. I just can’t imagine why my etheric body would look through eyes.
Do any of you notice this when you astrally project?
Look people, I’ve been doing this for years. And, there are FEW books written extensively on it. I can LEAVE my body and return to my spirit/soul state. I’ve seen my boyfriend across states while in college and tested it. I can tell him his thoughts and what he was doing at an EXACT TIME. I’ve proven it to myself, so don’t come here saying I’m crazy. I know it’s effin’ real… (don’t be so judgmental in this relative world, you’ll get lost)
Here’s the thing. When I leave my body, and am back to my spirit self and am walking/flying around and doing my thing I notice my eyes. And, I’m the observant type to see the bacteria on my physical eyeballs. Hence, the odd observance.
Well, I just can’t find ANYWHERE or anyone I know who has done it enough to give me a good answer. Man…
Oh, and all you have to do is keep your mind awake while your body falls asleep. Sounds simple, but it can be hard when you don’t train your mind. I meditate and find it easier during the day to get ou
I’ve found that I am transparent on this level (or the physical earth level) because the spirit vibrates at a higher frequency, which is why ghosts/spirits are easily seen at night when there is less of a vibration obstructing the air (i.e. sunlight). When on my mental plane, I have color. And, I know where I am cuz at night I can see my outline and I can feel where I am. It IS my body.
I’ve done remote viewing. It’s all the same.
And, as for proof, YES: look at Edgar Cayce! There’s your proof! Of course, even if you look at it, you’ll say, “Bull.”
I’m not here to prove myself, people. I know what this is, and there are those who do, too. I’m here to get answers from them! Go preach to those who care (or, at least haven’t heard it a million times before, jeesh!)


  1. Perhaps you could give a description of exactly what you mean by “astrally project”. Do you mean that you imagine you are somewhere else? Do you have to lie down, or stand up, or be in a particular position, to astrally project? How would you teach it to someone else?

  2. The brain often creates familiar patterns when it is asleep. Patterns such as your own body lying on a bed, and eyelids and eyelashes. There is nothing in astral projection that is not the same thing as dreaming. Nobody has ever communicated secret messages to another isolated dreaming person in a controlled experiment. This is because your dream world exists purely in your own head, just as my dream world exists purely in my head.

  3. First of all, what makes you think your hand would be transparent if you were outside your body? We don’t see your hand as transparent. Are you sure you’re not holding it too close to your eyes to fool yourself into thinking you’re outside of your body?
    Secondly, if you think you actually ARE astrally projecting, try opening a book to a random page and setting it on top of the fridge without looking at it. While you’re astrally projecting, read the page of the book – then check to see if you were right when you’re done. If you can do this, you can win a million bucks from this guy http://www.randi.org
    If you can’t, maybe you’re just imaging it?

  4. Whatever you are noticing is not due to astral projection. Consciousness and perception take place in the brain. They are based in the chemical activity of the brain. So they cannot be “projected” anywhere, as this would be a violation of the laws of physics. (Physics, not psychics.) There is no such thing as astral projection, but there is such a thing as self-deception, delusion, hallucination, and excessive wishful thinking and fantasy fabrication.
    The wide variety of mental experiences made possible by our extremely complex brains does explain why such seemingly bizarre things take place. It is all a matter of psychology. Much potential for error and misunderstanding.

  5. I’m sorry but I’m having trouble taking you seriously when you’re saying things like your spirit vibrates at a higher frequency. Seriously? You measured the frequency of your spirit? What did you use to measure it, and what frequency range is it in? What is the amplitude of the vibration? And vibration obstructing the air? That makes absolutely no physical sense. Did you make that up, or did someone tell you that and you believed it? There are at least two educated people who know quite well the physics of light and have already responded to your question, and I know at least one of them is chuckling at this right now.
    So when you say things like this which are obviously made up, it destroys your credibility. I know that paranormalists really want to be “science-y” to sound like they know what they are talking about, but to people who actually know science this approach backfires terribly.
    As far as astral projection, there has been no evidence that anyone actually can do this. You would be the very first. At this point, and given your propensity to make up science-y sounding paranormal claims, I’m not inclined to believe you. However, my suggestion would be for you to apply for the James Randi $1 Million, or otherwise work with scientific researchers to first demonstrate that you can actually do this. If you can astrally project like you say, it would be an easy matter for you to prove it in a controlled experiment. At that point we can talk about you seeing your eyes (and if the bacteria on your eyes is so rampant that you can see it, you’ve got MUCH bigger problems).

  6. I can’t answer your question, but I’d just like to say that I’m really angry at all these “science” people who keep slamming you. It’s ridiculous, and I wish they would stop talking about this stupid Randi challenge. Not everything is about money, as it may be for them. I wish someone who knew what they were talking about properly could answer your question … and I also don’t understand why these people are even on here, if all they want to do is try to prove to others this isn’t real, and the reason behind it. There obviously is no reason if it’s the paranormal, stupid people…sorry. I’m just going crazy.

  7. I believe you sweetie. I think that you will eventually come to the answer on your own through growth, and it will be better than getting the answer from someone else. What a beautiful gift you have.

  8. there is proof of being able to astal, i do it myself, but i cannt control it, and if they say (tr ) that there has never been anyone who has done this or being able to prove it, look into edgar case, he had more reported astral journeys than anyone else, and did so much research into it…if you want to learn more about it, then look up edgar case, and dont listen to idiots, who wish they could accomplish something to do with the spirit world….

  9. i have never tried only because i’m afraid of getting stuck in astral but it sounds like you have it well in hand good luck

  10. sorry that i cant help you with this. i have been trying the meditations and the lucid dreams by the way you were describing but i still have achieved nothing due to my inability to focus one one thought/color. my mind always seems to wonder around. maybe one day i’ll eventually get it and i’ll let you know.

  11. I wonder if maybe the connection between your astral body and your physical body is so strong that you’re still seeing out of your physical eyes on some level. Your body may have it’s eyes open a little while it’s sleeping and so your astral body is picking that up. I would suggest having somebody check on your body while you’re out traveling, just out of curiosity, to see if your eyes might be semi-open. Otherwise, I would just say it’s a body memory you took with you on your trip.
    As far as all the negative answers to your question go, I just want to say that you know what you know. What other people think doesn’t matter. If Big Foot knocked on their doors or Nessie appeared in their swimming pools, these same people would still call it a scam. Some people believe in everything, no matter how unlikely or outrageous. Some people believe in nothing, no matter what kind of proof is offered. And some people, like us, believe when we have sufficient proof to satisfy ourselves, not others. You have nothing you need to prove to anyone but yourself.

  12. This doesnt sound like your spirit is leaving your body. It sounds to me like you are inducing “Hypnogogic Hallucinations”.
    Although most people do not do so, they can be deliberately induced. More often they are the product of Narcilepsy, Sleep Apnea, or severe stress.
    The mind is awake, and your eyes are open and hallucinations of getting up and moving around are being produced the same way dreams images are produced in the mind.
    Its not really sleeping, and not really dreaming, as you are awake and fully aware. Its a very weird state of mind to be in. Most people have horrible experiences in that state of mind.
    Although a few experience things like astral projection, and other fun stuff.

  13. Contrary to what many people understand, there is a physical aspect to a spirit. Spirits have shape and form, but the density of the matter is not the same as our physical bodies. There are limitations to the flexibility of the form, but your spirit body does have much more flexibility than your physical form.
    Do we have to see through our eyes in spirit form? No. I can hypothesize 2 possibilities:
    – Due to our physical habit of using our eyes to see, you are continuing to look through your “spirit version” of your eyes while you are outside of your body. You can play with this one by closing your “spirit” eyes and looking around.
    – There may be a physical constraint on the flexibility of the spirit body while it is still inhabiting the physical form. That is, the spirit is very maleable, but if it is to return to the physical form, it must maintain a certain semblance to the physical vessel.
    I’m not saying that either of these is true, but they are both possibilities. I wouldn’t recommend testing the second possibility as it could lead to your creating a situation that would involve a great deal of work to return to the physical. Good luck!
    The skeptics in here have a constant rap. I don’t believe it if I haven’t seen it, and why hasn’t anybody claimed the million dollars. Some have actually called others delusional or disturbed. It’s hard to cut through the static sometimes, but there are real answers in forum. You just have to filter through the nay-sayers.


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