Home Discussion Forum why is it when some pagans talk about Heathenism they sound like?

why is it when some pagans talk about Heathenism they sound like?

they truly have no idea what they’re talking about, some pagans don’t even know what Heathenism is and the few that do well a lot of them get a lot wrong, like thinking that Asatru is the only form of Heathenism or that we are racists or the we are an earth based religion, I’ve never heard of any form of Heathenism other than shamanism being earth based, and many more like to throw out thereticle crap that doesn’t even hit close to home, why is it some pagans try to sound like experts on the subject of Heathenism without knowing much about it?
your views?


  1. because they don’t know much about.
    for example, i and my people come from a pagan tradition that predates christianity by about 5000 years, and includes a universal creative entity that’s replicated in its various forms in the natural world.
    but you’d think think by what you hear these days almost everywhere that pagans are nothing more than witches and goat f—rs.

  2. You have to consider the sources out there that are full of baloney. I’m not a Heathen and I do not profess to know anything about it although I would love to find some reliable sources in order to understand. The POP-ular information out there on any, may I use the word ‘obscure’ without offending, religious/spiritual practices are so inadequate that many people will only read one (inaccurate) book and believe they know everything about the topic. I also think people do not want to admit their ignorance or lack of knowledge of the topic and just try to wiggle their way into the ‘loop’.

  3. Honestly, none of our religions-Heathen or Pagan- are ‘Earth-based’ or they ALL are, the term has no meaning.
    Edit: This question is actually hysterical, coming from someone who makes silly claims about the Celts.

  4. I always have to laugh at the “Earth based religion” line…. tell them its “Mars based” instead, hilarity ensues. Even more hilarity ensues when they don’t realize you are being sarcastic. 😉

  5. there are a lot of people who call themselves pagans and don’t know the first thing about paganism, too.
    there are always going to be pretenders, and paganism seems to attract more than its fair share.

  6. It’s pretty sad. It’s even more sad when self-proclaimed Heathens have little enough idea about Heathenry (not Heathenism).
    The fact is, SOME Heathen groups ARE racist. Usually they’re the most vocal ones, so they give us all a bad name. The fact is, there ARE some fluffies out there who are really Wiccatru and try to make Heathenry as some sort of an earth-based belief. They seem to be the most numerous ones nowadays, yet again spawning more misconceptions.
    What sort of, ehm, THEORETICAL crap would that be? People know what they come in contact with most often. Everyone usually knows only his/her own path – you can’t expect a Wiccan to know recon Heathenry since they’re totally different!
    By complaining here on Y!A you won’t change anybody’s perception of Heathenry, you will just give them the idea that us Heathens are whiny complaining elitists.
    Sorry for being so direct.

  7. All one has to do is go to a local bookstore or even do a simple search on amazon to find out why people don’t even know much about their own paths.
    Lewellyn books, for example, makes big money off of Silver Ravenwolf. Most people who dig a little deeper find out she isn’t worth the paper she’s printed on. So I think it has to do with the information that is provided and the lack of willingness to look into things such as archeology or historical writings, etc… A lot of people just accept the first thing that sounds good.
    I gave up trying to explain anything. I either get told I’m being “elitist” or, like you’ve shown here… they pull the “ah, you’re a neo-nazi!” *sigh*


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