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Why is it when i come out of meditation i feel like crap, emotionally.?

Sometimes the emotions vary, depression, anger, irritation, but they are always negative when my mind is not still anymore. I cannot stay in meditation forever though the emotions dont bother me that much id like to know why they come after meditation and not during.


  • Because meditation is actually work. You are concentrating. The unpleasant associations which are stimulated by it come in their own time, like dreams.

  • in meditation you are at rest, at peace or in search of it . when you ‘come out of it’ you no longer feel this peace with you because your mind is distracted by everything else. pause and accept that this is life and try to hold onto the inner calm for as long as you can and when the world is too much meditate again – accept that we cannot change everything to suit ourselves, only ourselves to suit everything

  • What do you do when you meditate? Do you use force of will to remove ugly thoughts – to relax, to concentrate etc?

    Meditation is absence of force, absence of will

    When you meditate reject all forms of stimulus as if they were “nothing”, “not worth bothering about”, “meaningless”, “just illusions” etc
    When you meditate ensure you do not emit any stimuli to others around you. Make like you don’t exist – like it doesn’t matter who you are or what you are doing – don’t let your presence burden the world by calling for any form of attention consciously or otherwise

    Then see the difference

    You sound as if you are moving out of a semi-hypnotic (pre-sleep) state into normal state. The effects are always negative

    Place your fingers in a “mudra” position to keep your mind awake

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