Why is it the Pagan's and Satanists Conduct themselves better than Christians do?






But Christians try to make the two groups feel like they’re uncivilized?
Satanists don’t go around yelling hail Satan.
My cousin goes to a school thats like 90% Satanist, they strongly discourage bad conduct.


  1. Do they? Is this because they use Grey Poupon on their cheeseburgers and drink from a cup with their pinkie sticking out? Explain.
    People are individuals. Can we stop with the group hyper-generalizations at some point? Supposedly, non-believers are so much more logical and all.

  2. It seems that most of the time it is pagans and Satanists who are in fighting. Especially with the whole magickal wars behind the scenes. Pentacles up or down mother f(bilbo baggins)ers???
    Satanists can act stuck up sometimes but pagans get really offended when you ask them if they have any salvia divinorum at their shops. I guess that it isn’t a head shop even if there is a giant dragon statue in the corner!

  3. Because we (largely) believe that what we do actually influences what happens in our lives, rather than believing in salvation through grace alone as many Christians do. Christians get to believe that they can be dicks and it’s all cool because Jesus died for it already, so a lot of them act like dicks.
    Personal accountability will do that to ya every time.

  4. Every “satanist” I have ever known was just young, awkward and going through a stage. Every Pagan I have ever known was a hippie D&D playing stoner with a slight detachment from reality. There are too many Christians to lump into one category.They come in all walks of life, backgrounds, colors, have different political views etc. I have known christian criminals, businessman, charity workers, Doctors, drug dealers, Scientists, socer moms, White, black, asian, hispanic, and on and on.

  5. Satanists conduct themselves well? I don’t think marching around saying “Hail Satan!” is good conduct. As for pagans, it’s because their ideas don’t conflict with any others. Other people just claim they worship devils when they do not.

  6. Well, Pagans, Heathens and Satanists must actually bear responsibility for their actions. We lack the concepts of forgiveness. For the Heathenfolk and other Pagans it’s simply the Law of Return. Whatever you do comes back to you multiple times in this lifetime, be it good or bad behavior. Depending on which path they walk, there may also be consequences in the next life as well. For most Satanists it’s because the largest group of them are atheists who use “Satan” in the same way most of us Heathenfolk do – as a metaphor for mankind’s true, carnal nature. So for them, there’s nothing there to grant forgiveness.
    I have never had an Abrahamic of any sort make me feel uncivilized. I’ve had some in the real world TRY to treat me poorly, but I prove repeatedly with my own calm and inner peace and softly spoken words that not only am I civilized, I am highly educated about their faith, including its history before even Hebraic monotheism, and usually more so than they are about that faith and I am able to maintain a sense of dignity and honor even when being verbally attacked by (usually) Christians for no reason other than being a Heathen. I’ve even made more than one burst into tears without meaning to do so. I’m not the only one, either. That’s a common occurrence with us older Heathenfolk and Pagans when others try to attack us on theological issues. Why they end up crying or fleeing the area, I do not know for sure as I am never hateful or mean to them. (I actually pity the vast majority of them) I can only assume that the more they try to upset, annoy or insult me and fail at it miserably, the more they realize they, and the evil deity they serve that inspires such abhorrent behavior in its followers, are truly the weak ones in that little “battle”. Of course it could also be the sudden realization that they’ve been lied to by their fellows and spiritual leaders about those outside their faith and it shakes that faith violently and deeply to find we are not anything like they’ve been told. Who knows *why* for sure? It doesn’t really matter as in the end they are the ones who are exposed as petty, hateful, bigoted, ignorant about even the history of their own faith and ultimately poorly behaved and uncivilized.

  7. I wish people would read up about Satanism before they started spewing junk that makes them obviously uneducated…
    The Law of Three is much scarier than threatening a Hell in the afterlife…and some Christians think it doesn’t matter because they believe in Jesus, no matter WHAT they do, they won’t go to Hell because God forgives them…
    Example: Someone told me I was going to Hell (who had been a lifelong friend, in fact) because I was gay and pagan. However, she wasn’t because she believed in Jesus. And she had a baby out of wedlock and she didn’t know who the father was until the kid grew up and realized that the kid wasn’t half Caucasian and half Hispanic, but half Caucasian and half African-American. Christian FAIL.

  8. (((Demi))) said it perfectly…we must hold ourselves to a higher standard of conduct, because we believe everyone to be responsible for their own actions.
    Most Satanists do not believe in Karma (Law of Return), but we do believe in simple cause and effect. If you choose to stir misery all around you, eventually some of it will stick to you, and you may come across an individual who has the proper philosophy to administer an overdose of your own medicine…

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