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Why is it that your psychologists and psychiatrists are so much more understanding?

My friends dont listen and recently today I had an appt with my psychiatrist and she was so understanding and picked up on a lot that I wasnt even saying. I know its her job but I have had some really bad psychiatrists. It just felt so relieving to have someone understand.


  1. congratulations on finding one you can communicate with. And you are right, it is their job, and the more they do it the better they get at it.

  2. Would you want to listen all the time to someone complain and whine about all their problems? I wouldn’t. SUCH a downer. Sorry, but that’s exactly how they feel. Trust me.

  3. You may just have a better ‘feeling’ about talking to this person than with any of the others.
    I’ve had some really bad psyche’s too.
    You know when they are just sitting there nodding their heads and not really giving a crap about what you’re saying.
    Stick with this one if you’re trying to heal. Sounds like you found a good start here.

  4. They are trained to listen and interpret what they hear. I’m glad you’ve found someone who can interpret your feelings and have an answer for you as well as making you feel better. Friends aren’t trained to ‘hear’ what we’re not saying.

  5. I’m glad you found a person who truly cares and wants to help people. Good friends do care but don’t always have the time to really listen even if they know how to really do it. Your friends may also just not know how to respond or feel inadequate to help. And there are professionals out there who are just in it for the money. It sounds like you found yourself a winner!


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