Home Discussion Forum Why is it that so many "intelligent minds" here on Yahoo answers....?

Why is it that so many "intelligent minds" here on Yahoo answers….?

…have devoted their time to attacking Spiritual and Religious beliefs of those who would never concede to your theories and speculations about there not being a G-D?
Quite frankly, we all know you will never see their “light,” nor will they see yours.
Why aren’t these people using their supposed “superior” intellect in answering questions in the Community Service section and helping to create a better world?
Could it be that there is not a sufficent
self-gratification of the EGO in doing that?
What do you think?


  1. We are not attacking anyone,it’s actually quite the opposite.Christians and other religious groups seem bend on attacking anyone who disagrees with their own personal views…
    They do it by thumbing down and by reporting wich quite frankly is a sneaky and lame way to do it.
    We are here stating facts and personnal opinions….
    Like i have said many times before if you don’t like an answer just move on to another question that might agree with your own beliefs.

  2. because 90% of the “intelligent minds” here on yahoo answers are 12 years old and can talk big behind a monitor. also, wikipedia helps them define those big words they don’t know.

  3. I think there are some from both sides–some who attack those of us who are religious and some that attack those who aren’t. It’s a two-way street that. If you really want it to stop, stop giving them attention.

  4. Great question!
    I agree with you.
    The little 12-14 year olds are the ones who think it’s all funny and make fun. You can often tell by their inability to write a complete sentence and their atrocious grammatical and spelling skills.
    They are just immature children who will one day grow up…..hopefully.


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