Home Discussion Forum Why is it that people consider agnostic more of a spiritual crisis..?

Why is it that people consider agnostic more of a spiritual crisis..?

Than a true religion?


  1. because we dont get confused. we stick to keeping undecided by choice. because we realise that there is no way of knowing. maybe we never will know. but until then i will proudly live free of mind.

  2. im agnostic… i dont care what other people think… people look into things too much, just let people be… its what they believe it to be

  3. Because there has to be a decision or somehting bad will happen…like the world will stop spinning.
    Agnostic…no crisis here.

  4. First, neither atheism nor agnosticism are relgions.
    And agnosticism is considered kind of wimpy. It’s where you cannot choose a definitive side. You’re just… unsure.

  5. Well it’s definitely not a religion. It’s more of a philosophy, a way of thinking about the whole higher power subject. So many people see things as black & white, you’re either christian or atheist. They like to think we’re in spiritual crisis as if we can’t decide between those 2 ideas. My agnostic viewpoints are far from indecisiveness between atheism and christianity.

  6. Helloo?
    Agnostic simply holds a philosophical position that it is impossible to know whether a God exists or not, so they live it at that.
    You do not know the meaning of the word.
    Look it up PLEASE!

  7. if u are agnostic, you might as well be an atheist, because we are both headed for the same fate…….eternal suffering. that is….according to a christian. either u commit to believing, and show up for church every sunday, pay your tithes, and whatever other mandate one has to abide in order to receive a get-out-of-HELL- free- card.

  8. Because an Agnostic is someone who believes that it is not possible to know if or not God truly exists since there is no way to actually prove it. In my way of thinking being an “Agnostic” is not a religion in it’s self as much as it is a belief. ( I might add it makes a lot of sense to me.)

  9. Who says so? Being agnostic is neither a crisis or a religion. I think agnosticism is the most honest religious philosophy. Only agnostics and some atheist admit that they don’t know the unknown. What’s wrong with that?


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