Home Discussion Forum Why is it that only Catholics see the Virgin Mary in refrigerators?

Why is it that only Catholics see the Virgin Mary in refrigerators?

Why is it that only Catholics and Charismatics become ‘possessed’?
Why is it that only people who have read a lot of alien abduction stories from the New Age section become convinced they’ve been abducted?
Why is it that only Hindus or people who have sought out past life regressions seem to see evidence of Reincarnation.
And why is it that only Atheists and Skeptics have any sense at all?


  1. Yes Atheists have sense.
    It’s called non – sense.
    And they get to celebrate it every April 1st.
    Happy belated holiday to you.

  2. Well answering that last question only. Only some have that. The ones who turn to Christ and live for Him. Peace out…………

  3. Atheists and skeptics are God’s favorites. Why else would he give them superior intelligence, purer souls, and better looks than theists?

  4. Why do the biggest religions all come from the area in the world that a person is most likely to suffer from heat-stroke?

  5. I am what would be described as a fundamental Christian…but want to applaud you. You see more than most who profess Yashua. The blind leading the blind kinda thing.
    I do not believe that Atheist and skeptics are the only ones that have any sense. Some of us are intelligent enough to know that the more we learn, the more we realize how little we know.

  6. So you have been abducted and then possessed. And after that experience you believe you were given some knowledge or something like that?
    Surely, this “sense’ that you speak of is from an alien form of head shrinking. Maybe one of your “superior” atheist friends can fix the lobotomy that the aliens did to you. There is always hope. Ask the Virgin Mary to guide you, she may still be willing.

  7. I’m Catholic, and I’ve never been possessed, and never seen the Virgin Mary.
    And I truly hope that you do not count yourself amongst the ‘sane’ skeptics, (since we’re generalizing and all…)

  8. I smell something in my refrigerator and it isn’t the Virgin Mary.
    If people believe that they can be possessed then they can. Psychology there.
    Again psychology about the aliens…
    Not only Hindus see evidence of Reincarnation, many people of the world do, from Pagans to Buddhists, etc. I myself am open to that idea…
    You are over-estimating the sense of atheists and only true skeptics have any kind of sense, as they are open to all experiences.
    Each person’s reality is purely subjective, all reality is created by our own consciousness.

  9. They don’t. Virgin Mary’s have popped up in the bark of trees, windows in Clearwater, Florida, grain of wood, tree foliage, beach sand, and dozens of other places.
    Strangely, nobody has any idea at all of what Mary looked like. Nobody in her time ever described her ( or Jesus ). Were they tall skinny people or short fat tubs ? No drawings or paintings have ever been made of them until a thousand years after they were gone.
    Paintings by the great Dutch and italian masters were strictly from the imaginations of the painters. They could be a million miles from accurate.
    The image of the Virgin in the glass at Clearwater had no face. It could have been any woman in the Near-East – – past or present. It certainly was not a specific person, only a smudge suggesting a vailed person.
    Superstitious imaginations are wonderful. You can make whatever you want out of whatever you have.

  10. Catholics are the only ones to look for the virgin mary in refrigerators. Catholics are not nearly as silly as most people claim. OK, maybe they are.

  11. People see what they want to see or they see what they are looking for.
    I can only suspect that Atheists are not looking for anything.

  12. Or why people who believe in ghosts “see” them.
    “Yep, that was Uncle Frank, keeping tabs on us! Just like GhostWeb.com said!”


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