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Why is it that most people know the Buddha as the fat jolly character?

When in fact, wasn’t Siddhartha Gautama, the first Buddha? He is portrayed as thin in statues.


  1. All the famous statues of Buddha that the tourists see depict the Buddha typically in a reclining setting as a rather full figured happy figure. That is what the world has come to see him as.

  2. i think it has to do with seeing the fat-Buddha statues at chinese restaurants. the fat buddha is suppose to represent fortune (i think) which is why the are common in those restaurants.

  3. The Buddha was from India. If we look at any statues or figures based on that version of him he never appears overweight. The reason for the overweight version actually comes from Asia. At the time Buddhism spread into Asia it was seen as a sign of prosperity to be overweight. This was due to the fact that so many people were living in poverty and going hungry on a daily basis. So over time they began to portray the Buddha as such. God Bless! +?+


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