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Why is it, that in the 21st century, people still believing in magic words? Say your kid was sick…?

A christian goes to the chapel and prays.
A buddhist asks a monk to say a chant
A wiccan/pagan performs a healing ritual
How can you say that one set of “magic words” will help the sick child or summon help from an outside source? Which one? Isn’t it arrogant to think that your “magic words” are better than their “magic words”
And if they ALL worked, why can’t you just wish out loud that your child gets better?


  1. That is the kind of thinking that made me realize taht I was an atheist.
    All were either equally valid, or equally nonvalid.
    I went with nonvalid.

  2. As a Christian Elder, I would anoint the child with oil & pray for him–I don’t need to go to the chapel to do that. I know what I believe & in Whom. There is no “magic” in it, just simple faith.

  3. When I’m sick i take some ‘magic words’.
    All of them are ‘magic’.

  4. Just because its the 21st century does not mean that we can stop believing in God. Yes we have science and technology now but do you really believe thats all we need?

  5. People believe in what you’re describing because they find that they work. Most if them, however, do not believe in “magic words.”
    A prayer is not “magic words.” A prayer is a request. Something happens if a deity answers the prayer, not just because the prayer was uttered.
    A healing ritual may involve prayer but often involves magic, which comes from the self. Note: the self. Not the words uttered. (Or the gestures made, or the herbs burned.)

  6. I take it you don’t understand the psychology behind the power of symbols, ritual, and/or belief. Note that the power from these things is not in the “words” or actions themselves. The power is in the individual’s own willpower to manifest change for himself or the person (being prayed for) – their belief in the power of such words, rituals, or chants.


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