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Why is it that in science fiction psychic powers are seen as a sign of being highly evolved.?

In Science fiction the authors who write tv/film/ books show people who posses psychic powers are taken serious and do not attrack sceptism even though they live in a highly technology advanced societies.


  1. Well can you imagine a total moron who could predict your future? The combination of idiocy and the occult has never been a happy one. Psychic Powers also are traditionally linked to spiritual ability, again–something you never associate with stupidity. Also any power is usually seen as reserved to smart people–good or evil. In tv and scifi dumb people are never endowed with power, unless they accidentally solve crimes like Inspector Gadget.

  2. In the science fiction genre any race capable of psychic ability are considered more advanced because they have discovered how to utilize more brain functions. Most good science fiction has a basis in fact. This concept follows historical facts showing how the human culture sets apart people wwho display brain power beyond normal limitations. Ex: Einstein; Nostradamus
    In sci-fi a person with psychic ability can also be feared and labeled as a potential threat. Same as some historical figures – Joan of Arc


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