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Why is it that I have to work with this prissy old woman who thinks she is so much better than the rest of us?

She is always putting people down. She loves to make snide remarks. She is a miserable old hag.


  1. No, you don’t have to work with that person, or work with anyone for that matter. You are making a choice to work for the company who employes that person.
    You can always find other job that pleases you more. Bare in mind though, people like you described exist at almost every job. The best method is for you to learn to deal with them.
    With that said, if the person makes any personal, threatening, discriminatory, or violent remarks, you can report the issue to your superior.
    There is no law that says someone has to be nice. There is a law however, that says no one can discriminate you or threaten you. Most companies also have a rule that defines an acceptable conduct and a recourse a staff can seek.

  2. I don’t know why, but i hope you can find a better job where you actually have fun.
    Your case kinda reminds me of The Devil wears Prada. I haven’t seen it, but i have seen the commercials.

  3. Well you do have the option of going to work elsewhere. Ignore her. If she wants to be miserable, let her be. You don’t have to be just because she is. It’s your choice.

  4. That lady acts like that because she’s got problems of her own… and because she doesn’t like herself. She is her worst enemy. She has had a crappy and unlovable life for all the reasons she is the way she is.. Just ignore her and smile and go on your own way. Thanks God you are not like her. People like that breed hate. Don’t hate her…feel sorry for her. Turn a deaf ear to her… Just don’t make the situation any worse. You control your feelings… don’t be like her. That’s your choice.

  5. Ouch. Poor you! Here’s my advice. Not only is putting other people down mean, it’s also rude! Tell her to shut up and that she is being really mean. If she continues and you tell her over and over again, tell you boss and let him/her help you deal with it. she can’s get away with that.

  6. Maybe it’s menopause, or she needs to get back on her hormones. If she is so much better, why does she have to work? Sounds like maybe deep down, she’s bitter, lonely and has her underwear in a bundle.

  7. I worked with someone like that at another agency.
    The best thing to do is to ignore them and avoid them. Let them wallow in their sh*t pot of misery.
    I know she is difficult for you to tolerate at times but she’s never going to change. There is absolutely nothing you could do to her to change her. She receives some kind of sick gratification from being that way.
    Go to your supervisor and see if he/she can’t at least shut her up.
    If they can’t…at least you know she’s a permanent fixture that came with the building.


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